Creative Writing for Homeschoolers

Creative-writing-for homeschoolersFor those of you who enjoyed my Dread Pirate Susan YouTube videos, you know that your kids absolutely LOVE my creative writing for homeschoolers. Back when I taught in the schools, children went from hating writing to loving writing after taking my classes. Why? Because I caused them to become excited, and I led them through each fun writing assignment step by step, making it impossible for them to fail.

Now, available for the first time online, I have a Creative Writing Mega Pack, with enough awesome writing assignments to fulfill one or two years of writing curriculum. What better way to breathe life into your homeschool than to have some exciting projects that will interest your children, from writing a 10-page mystery story, to a western shoot-out story, to a fairy tale newspaper, to a wonderful autobiography, to fabulous adventures in journaling. You KNOW that your kids want it. Make them happy, AND increase their writing skills and ability. Can you believe that 5 one-hour video workshops plus 2 audios will only cost you $39.95? The mystery set alone is worth $34.95, so for only $5 more, you get the Journaling video workshop and two awesome audios. So go ahead and grab this set right away!

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  1. I am not in need of curriculum right now but this does sound fabulous! 😉

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