Dark Streets, Meetings, & Oreo Cake


One night God was taking us down dark winding roads. One of the houses was on the far right down a long street, and we parked in front of the house. God wanted us to say, “Is this where the Bible study is?” We had our Bibles under our arms. God had randomly chosen this house, so we were at God’s mercy as to what He wanted us to say and do for this woman. We talked with her for a few minutes and offered to pray for her. She asked a lot of questions, and near the end of the conversation, the Holy Spirit said through my mouth, “You are a true follower of Jesus.” She looked at us with amazement.

A friend of my ministry partner was visiting from five hours away from Spokane, and my ministry partner wanted me to come over and share my testimony with her friend. It had been her friend’s birthday earlier that week, and no one had called her. We wanted her to feel special, so we had my daughter pick out a gift for my ministry partner’s friend. (My ministry partner paid for it.) My daughter said she’d always wanted to put together a themed gift basket, so we were at Ross, and my daughter picked out all the items and arranged them in a basket. We prayed that God’s Holy Spirit would lead her to pick just the right items. When her friend opened her birthday gift, she was surprised that she saw her favorite brands of things that she needed. This could only have been God.

After sharing my testimony and praying and sharing Scripture, we got a spiritual breakthrough for her friend. She left for a get-together with family members, and my ministry partner and I went to buy a cake to celebrate her birthday that night. God prompted my ministry friend to go to Baskin Robins. I asked the Holy Spirit which cake? I asked God yes or no for each cake, and the Oreo cake was the only yes. It was a weird-looking cake, so my friend asked, “Are you sure?” I said, “God is saying yes to this cake and to no other cake, so let’s get this one.” When we celebrated her birthday later, the lady exclaimed with joy that every year in her childhood, she had gotten an Oreo cake for her birthday. She knew she had never told her friend, and so she knew that Jesus was near. Only God could have picked out the exact cake out of hundreds of cakes in the city.

On a different night God took my ministry partner and I to a Chinese restaurant. God drove us there. He literally was taking over my hands when I said, “Jesus, take the wheel.” I laughed because I knew when He was turning because He would put on the blinker. See, I have so much joy because God does everything. I just sit back and watch. Then if I have to get out of the car and say something, I look up and say, “What do You want me to say?” and He tells me the sentence that starts the conversation. Then He takes me over, especially when I am praying for people. Yay!

We parked in front of a Chinese restaurant, and after we had eaten (we had fasted all day and prayed while ministering to people in the city, and my ministry partner paid for this meal), we saw a gray-haired man named Larry in a booth. God pointed him out to us, so we started a conversation. He invited us to sit in his booth, and we talked about our ministry for maybe an hour. Larry had paid for hockey tickets that night, and God’s Holy Spirit had blocked him from entering the hockey building. God brought him to this Chinese food place for a divine appointment. These were his words. We were shocked. His heart was the same as our heart. He heard the Holy Spirit in the same way we did. His best friend was from our church, which is a nondenominational Bible church in Spokane. He was fed up with the way Christians stay in the church building, and he felt that we needed to get out of the church building and bring Christ to the world and actually DO what God commanded us to do.

He tested us with Scripture knowledge and rebukes, to see how we could handle rebuke. We passed every test. We felt the Holy Spirit’s presence and were able to encourage each other on the Lord.

Stay tuned for “Events Leading to the Missions Trip to Texas.”

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14 Responses to “Dark Streets, Meetings, & Oreo Cake”

  1. DONNA MILLER says:

    I love your adventures with God and how you boldly step out for Him and watch Him work as you obey. So encouraging and inspires me. Much love to you sweet sister!! I love all your stories! ❤

  2. Heather Hart says:

    You have such a wonderful mission, Susan. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

  3. I love, love, love hearing about your adventures! I shouldn’t say it is amazing, because we can expect wonderful things from our Savior, but it IS amazing!!!
    Keep sharing your adventures, Susan, and thanks for the “friend” request.

  4. Edith says:

    I like the part that says you were fasting and praying to back up your ministry. We can do very little in our flesh but we can do mighty things when we are empowered from on high. When we pray before embarking on evangelism, our words truly cut the hearers to the heart like Peter’s words on the day of Pentecost. May God strengthen you more and more for His service in Jesus’ name.

    • Susan says:

      We fast and pray a lot in our ministry because we need God to lead the way. In our own strength we are nothing, but with God all things are possible.

  5. Amy Hagerup says:

    Thanks for sharing so many specifics of your ministry, Susan. Praise God for the work He is doing in lives.

  6. TIffany says:

    I litterally had chills reading this Susan. I love that you are following the leading of the HOly Spirit and giving Him all the Glory. He tells us to ask… if only more would follow this example!

  7. I love when God does only what God can do! He know exactly what where to lead us. We just have to listen and you are!

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