Is this math problem wrong?

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16 Responses to “Is this math problem wrong?”

  1. Haha well, because it doesn’t say “how many eyes do the children have all together?” that really does come across as a trick question. I suspect the answer key will say 10 but I think I would count it correct either way. If 10, then my child knows the math. If 2, then he is thinking logically and I wouldn’t fault him for that either. 🙂 Which did you do?

  2. Melissa K. says:

    My take: The answer 2 is wrong, though I understand how the student got there. Since it says “all five children” rather than “each of the five children,” it’s plural, so the answer is 10. And the answer could be obtained either way–6+4 or 5×2.

  3. I get why they said that, but I would say that the answer 2 is wrong.

  4. SheliaD says:

    You have to give her bonus points for that one – even if you mark the problem wrong. She gets a smiley faced sticker in my book!

  5. Beth says:

    Very cute! I don’t think I would count it as wrong. 🙂

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