Multnomah Falls in Oregon

multnomah-fallsIf you are driving through Oregon, just off Interstate 84 you will notice a spectacular waterfall, Multnomah Falls. You should definitely stop, because it’s absolutely beautiful. It cascades down a cliff, plummetting 620 feet.

As an unexpected bonus, when my family hiked up the short, easy hike to the bridge, I felt like we had entered a tropical rain forest, except for the fact that it was slightly cold. Birds chirped, fallen logs covered with moss lay across bubbling brooks, and you just wanted to take a deep breath and enjoy the fascinating world you just stepped into.


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2 Responses to “Multnomah Falls in Oregon”

  1. Ah, yes… I forgot about those. Thanks for reminding me…
    And, it’s a great teaching point for your children- why there are waterfalls, how the water quality changes due to this fall, and kinetic/potential energy!

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