St Louis Arch

st-louis-archOn our way to Tennessee a few years ago, we stopped to see the St Louis Arch. It is a metal, upside-down “U” with a museum under it. The workers there expect you to cram yourself into a small metal box to go up to the top of the arch. I’m surprised that our family of six actually fit in one elevator. When we arrived at the top, the children couldn’t see out the windows, so they had to climb onto the slanted rug platform in front of the windows. They were all excited and happy to see the shadow of the arch beneath us.

The museum under the arch had a stuffed buffalo, a covered wagon, a teepee, and other items relating to traveling west, since many families hundreds of years ago began traveling west starting at St. Louis. Supposedly the arch represents a doorway to the west, where families could have a fresh

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8 Responses to “St Louis Arch”

  1. Don’t you just love summer family vacations. Your kids are sooooo cute. Stopping by from Ultimate Blog Challenge. Think we can post 31 days in a row? Have a great day. It’s a really hot one here in California.

    • Susan says:

      Yes, the kids especially love traveling by car, although I prefer traveling by airplane! But you can see so many more sights when you travel by car.

  2. I’ve lived in St. Louis for nearly 20 years and have only been at the top of the Arch once in all this time. Those windows are a trip, what with the way they slant downward. I get vertigo just thinking about it!

    I do like the museum below, though. The last time I was at the arch, the gift shop was set up like an old time general store and they had old fashioned candies and toys. 😀

    • Susan says:

      I’ve suffered from claustrophobia most of my adult life, so I had to take a deep breath and purposely relax when I climbed into the small metal box with no windows. I’m not surprised that you only went once!

  3. Carrie says:

    We were out these several summers ago looking at a college for our youngest and made a stop at the Arch. I HIGHLY recommend it – ever for someone with a fear of heights and small spaces like myself: it was GREAT! The history buff in me enjoyed the museum part, as well.
    What a fun post! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Amy says:

    My son lives in St. Louis, and we do a little sight-seeing every time we visit him and his family. Next time, maybe we’ll take the trip up to the top of the arch! Sounds awesome!

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