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Insect Trap

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

insect-trapMy children are starting insect collections of their own, and they’ve been running around with jars and butterfly nets, trying to catch insects. One of my sons decided to dig a hole and put an open plastic jar in it. He packed dirt around it, placing four rocks, and then a bridge of wood across it. He said he read about the insect trap in a book and wanted to try it out.

So far we haven’t caught any insects with it. But I don’t think he left it out long enough. After a few days, he wanted the jar for something else, since plastic jars are insect-trap-2in short supply. We have glass jars, but the children aren’t allowed to carry them around, since we’ve broken several glass jars over the years. The children can make insect habitats in the glass jars, making the jars into mini-terrariums for the insects they catch. When the insects eventually die, they are taken out and put into an insect collection.