Used Curriculum Sale

used-curriculum-saleThis week I attended a used curriculum sale. It’s basically a garage sale for homeschoolers. An entire church gymnasium is full of tables covered with homeschool curriculum that homeschool moms are selling. I used to rely on used curriculum sales heavily back when I had no money at all. You really can homeschool on a shoestring even if you are poor if you rely on God and ask Him whenever you need curriculum. God has always supplied my needs and even my wants through the years.

I haven’t been to a used curriculum sale in quite a while (because I buy things new to support homeschool companies), but since my unit study this fall is “The Renaissance,” I wanted to get a whole pile of stuff on the Renaissance, especially hands-on activities. Well, I found lots of Renaissance materials, which I will be showing you on my YouTube channel in September. One of those items was a video curriculum for the Reformation, which happens during the Renaissance. We’ve already seen the first one, and it’s good. My husband is glad that I’m teaching our kids about the Reformation, because it’s part of our church history just like the book of Acts is church history.

The best item I found was an interlinear Greek-English New Testament. My dad taught me biblical Greek three years ago (I show you what course it was in my Ancient Greece Unit Study YouTube video), and I always wanted a Greek New Testament with the English beside it. Those Bibles normally cost at least $40, and I bought mine for $2, and it was in new condition. I tried not to jump up and down when I saw it for fear that the seller would raise the price.

I bought a calligraphy set for $1, which my kids used today, after watching the video about John Wycliffe translating the Bible from Latin to English. This was before the printing press, so all the copies of Scripture had to be written by hand.

I picked up a copy of a book Roller Coaster Science for $1, since my sons like to know the physics behind the roller coaster rides. We are planning to go to Silverwood Theme Park this summer, since the kids earned free passes from “Reading is the Ticket.”

I thought it was sweet that one of my sons insisted that we buy Foods from the Bible, with recipes from Bible times, for 50 cents. We also found a modern Junior Cook Book from Better Homes and Gardens, a kid’s cook book. (I collect kid’s cook books. My kids enjoy cooking, and kid cook books are always splashy with color.)

I bought a new cursive handwriting book for my third son, who wanted it. It cost half of what it cost new. I got a “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” computer game to replace the one we used to have, which mysteriously disappeared. I found a crystal radio kit for my husband for $1. He collects old electronics kits for some reason, and he shows our boys how exciting the world of electronics can be.

I found a spy gadget kit for $1 (a backpack alarm), a pair of glasses that makes you think you’re a fly for 50 cents, a watercolor how-to book, The Hiding Place (book), and The Federalist Papers (book). My husband was pleased that I bought The Federalist Papers. He’s strongly into the Constitution, which I’m sure all homeschoolers are, since we value our freedom and independence.

I got several other things, but the one book I put beside my bed was Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives. Yes, I think I’ll read that one first…

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  1. Christy says:

    Great finds! I’m soooo jealous of your Greek-English bible, Talk about a Gold mine! I have been encouraged to sell my used curric. I’m sure someone will make good use of them. Just afraid I might need them…..some….day.

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