We Were Supposed to Take the Summer Off

take-the-summer-offWe were supposed to take the summer off, and we did in a lot of ways. This was the first summer ever that we didn’t do math for three months. We’ll see if it had any negative consequences. My son Stephen needed to practice guitar every day during the summer, and I didn’t want him to feel punished, like everyone else got to play while he worked. So I had my other children start a nature journal over the summer. My son Nathaniel has had a nature journal for a year now, because he begged me to be able to do one. Basically for the first 35 minutes after breakfast this summer, Stephen practiced guitar for 20 minutes, then he worked on his journal for 15 minutes. Everyone else spent 35 minutes on their journals.

Another thing we did this summer was to study insects. Insects are much more abundant in the summer, and our insect collection had been smashed by accident a few years back. The kids were so young last time we collected insects that they didn’t even remember doing it. So we studied insects by using the second half of the Apologia book Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. We tied that in with their nature journals, and it worked out quite nicely.

When my husband left to the Czech Republic, we borrowed materials out of the library to study this country, to know where he was and what his surroundings looked like. We figured out about time zones, and we prayed for him each night. We had so much fun with our study of that country that we went ahead and studied several other countries, since we hadn’t done much geography the previous year. Our study of countries included a Mexican fiesta, since I had found a big sombrero at a yard sale for one dollar. Oh, and I almost forgot that we studied Spanish for three weeks intensively, with the older two children each filling in a whole Spanish workbook.

Sports skills were another thing we did this summer. I did it so that I would get some exercise and have more energy, and I wanted to get into shape. I wrote several blog entries about the sports skills we worked on, the most painful of which was volleyball. Basketball and baseball were fun, though, even though we all had slight sunburns from being outside so much. Badminton was my favorite unless there was a lot of wind, and the kids screamed in frustration when the birdie went way off course.

As you can see, we did quite a bit during the summer. I’m not even mentioning the work I did for my business, producing and recording new products for the fall and winter, and churning out three yearbooks. I’m always surprised at how much we have accomplished each year. But I’m tired as I go into the new school year, and this is not good. Maybe I’ll take a real break for a week or two, and when the weather changes, I’ll probably feel more alert. I hope so!

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  1. Yes you sounded very busy but it also sounds like you had a fun time exploring and learning with your children 🙂

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