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Cake Contest

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Just in case you are throwing a birthday party any time soon, here are some cake ideas from a Cub Scout cake contest we had a few years back. My oldest son Bryan won first place in the non-scouting category for his flying saucer cake. (He baked part of the cake in a glass pyrex bowl to get the rounded effect.)

My son Stephen made a cake that had a lake (blue fruit roll-ups) and a pier (pretzel sticks). My son Nathaniel won second place in the non-scouting category for his fire truck cake. (We found the instructions for that cake in a Family Fun magazine.) I also threw in Stephen’s bathtub cake from last year (also a Family Fun idea). He won second prize last year. (The water in the bathtub is blue Knox blocks covering some goldfish crackers at the bottom! The faucet handles are marshmallows.) Take a look and tell me which is your favorite!