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The Bible Explorer Series

Friday, January 27th, 2012

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Wouldn’t it be cool if we could find out where the real ark of the covenant is located? Or Noah’s ark? Or even Mt. Sinai? The Bible Explorer Series is a set of three DVD’s that chronicle the modern search for these three things. This series is a professionally done, truly fascinating exploration of where on earth these are located. Each DVD starts out as a mystery, and each new piece of evidence leads to a greater understanding of the location of these items. (I know a mountain isn’t an item, but I’ll call it an item anyway.)

In the Ark of the Covenant DVD, there is evidence that the ark was removed from Jerusalem during King Manasseh’s reign, because he placed a stone idol in the Holy of Holies, which would have been an abomination to the priesthood. There is an island (Elephantine Island) in the middle of the Nile River in Egypt, close to Aswan, where a temple was built by the priests who had rescued the ark away from the defilement of Manasseh. Evidence of the Jewish priests from Manasseh’s reign being on the island is conclusive. From there, the Egyptians were horrified that the Jews were sacrificing rams, because the Egyptians worshiped rams. A strong disagreement resulted in the Jewish priests leaving Egypt with the ark and going to Ethiopia, of all places. First it was put on an island in Ethiopia, and there is evidence that the ark might have rested there for hundreds of years.

Finally a Christian Ethiopian king came and stole it from the island, placing it in a church in Ethiopia, where it stands today. Unfortunately the object is so holy that nobody is allowed to look at it. In my mind, this is actually a good thing, because if it’s truly the ark of the covenant, the Israelites would want their possession back, which would cause violence, since many major religions consider this to be a holy relic, and they would all fight over it, taking it away from the Ethiopians. Based on eyewitness accounts, after seeing this DVD, I think it’s highly likely that the ark is actually located in Ethiopia today. Isn’t that frieken’ cool?

The other two DVD’s are equally interesting. Suffice it to say that all my kids were fascinated just as much as I was with this series. So in my opinion, this DVD set is worth buying. I will be giving away a free copy of the Bible Explorer Series DVD’s. Enter the contest below for a chance to win:

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