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You are Accepted

Sunday, October 1st, 2017


You are accepted! It doesn’t matter who else accepts you because Jesus Himself accepts you. Romans 15:7 says, “Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.” Jesus accepts us with all our flaws and frailties. He actually gave us our weaknesses so that God’s power might be made manifest in us because–believe it or not–God’s power shows the most in our lives through our weaknesses (2 Corinthians 12:9).

This doesn’t mean that we should purposely sin and hurt Christ. Of course not! But if we sin, we can immediately go to God and ask for forgiveness, and it’s gone. Christ accepts you for who you are RIGHT NOW, not who you are going to be when you are dead, after you are glorified. Don’t you see? You are fully accepted and loved by God, and you can rest in that acceptance and stop striving to be good enough.

We as women tend to derive our worth from how other people view us. How people perceive us does not define who we are. God defines who we are, and if He says we are accepted, then we are accepted!

If other people have expectations of you that are impossible for you to meet, they will always be disappointed with you. But that is THEIR problem. Shake yourself free from their expectations and thrive under God’s acceptance.


We believe that maybe if we perform everything to perfection, we will be accepted by others.

But God does not expect from us more than we can do. He is fully aware that we are but dust.

You don’t have to be forced to change your personality just because someone wants you to be just like them. John the Baptist, for example, was not gracious, but God created him that way and fully accepted and was pleased with him. God created him for a specific purpose that required him to be more straightforward than most people.

Peter the disciple was brash. Just because he acted without thinking doesn’t make him evil. God purposely created Peter to be brash. Sure, he could learn to consult other people for wisdom, but being a man of action is who he was. He got things done because he could think quickly. He didn’t have to sit down and beat himself up because of who God created him to be. And yet we as women do this all the time.


In the same way, you do not need to change everything about yourself to meet with the acceptance of the people around you. Yes, you can ask God to remove sin, but if it’s just a personality difference, God loves who you are because He purposely made you that way. How sad that we never accept ourselves for who we are so that we can become fully all that God has called us to be!

I spontaneously wrote a poem one day to encapsulate the experience I had with God when I felt accepted for the first time. After striving for years to please God, and hearing so many times that I was never good enough, my sister finally prayed with me over the phone, that God would remove whatever was standing in the way to experience God’s love and acceptance:

I am Accepted
I am accepted
God is pleased with me
No more striving
I am complete
God delights in me
I am beautiful

Waves of love
Wash over me
Every cell of my being
Is accepted
I am at rest
I am complete

You can experience God’s acceptance, too. Take God at His Word, and believe the Scriptures that never lie, and don’t feel like you have to measure up to anyone else’s expectations of who they think you need to be. If you have over-performed for years, and people nit-pick and criticize everything you do, let their words slide right off. Don’t be hurt. The only person you need to be accepted by is Christ! You are accepted!

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My daughter and I created the artwork for this series from the course {aff} “You are a Masterpiece” by Alicia Gratehouse. If you love to do art and are discovering who you are in Christ, this is a great art course for you!

How Does Your Identity Affect Marriage?

Friday, February 21st, 2014

identity-affect-marriageHow does your identity affect marriage? If you are a believer, you are a new creation in Christ. The core of your being desires to please God. First I’m going to address how understanding your identity in Christ causes you to derive your worth from Christ so that you’re not so needy with your husband.

In another article, I will show you how to not attribute wrong motives to your husband, because if he is a believer, his identity is to please God. This affects everything in your marriage. You will begin to see each other in a more positive light.

You must understand who you are in Christ so that you don’t think of yourself as inadequate. Most women view themselves this way. They compare their outer bodies to supermodels who have been airbrushed, and they resent that their own bodies don’t respond when they put in tons of workouts. I myself have given birth 4 times, and my stomach is not the same as it used to be. Just try to take care of your body as best you can, and your positive attitude can take care of the rest.

When you come to Christ, you are forgiven from all sin. You are clean, and God has taken your old nature and replaced it with a new nature. You are now a saint. God is transforming you into His image. You are becoming more and more beautiful inside.

Christ gives you worth. You were created for a purpose, and you can ask God how to fulfill your life purpose so that you can have more joy in your life. If you feel fulfilled in your life, even if you have a flabby stomach, you will still feel good about yourself because of the inward joy of living out what you are supposed to be doing with your life.

Don’t rely on your husband to build you up. If you hang your worth on what your husband says, you are setting yourself up for unnecessary pain. Men say things casually without realizing the emotional implication of their words. Like when I said, “Does this shirt make me look fat?” and my husband said that I’ve had four kids. Wrong answer. Bzzz… You struck out, mister. I could wallow in the pain of that statement, or I can derive my worth from the Lord, knowing that beauty comes from the inside, and that I’m exercising to stay in shape. My husband meant to say that he didn’t expect me to look the same as when I married him, and that of course I was beautiful to him. But he didn’t say it at the time because he felt trapped by the situation. Men don’t want to feel forced to say a certain thing. It feels disingenuous to them. Their minds move on to something else, and they have no idea that they’ve devastated their wives.

Don’t let that happen. Derive your complete worth from Christ. He loves you so much that He died for you. I have close friends that have been abused by their husbands physically, and they absolutely had to disconnect their worth from their husband’s mindless statements. This is not who you are. You are a daughter of the King.

Don’t allow your mind to dwell on negative things. Your mind has a doorway. Shut the door on anything that is not good, right, and true. (Philippians 4:8) Most of the time when we feel like a piece of dirt, it’s because we have allowed ourselves to wallow in our hormones, letting our minds drift into whatever. We spiral deeper and deeper into a negative state. You can stop that spiral at any time. Start breaking free from negative thought patterns and walk in the freedom of your identity in Christ! If you need help with controlling your mind, here is a free audio that will show you how to take every thought captive.