25th Wedding Anniversary: Highlight of 2022


One of the highlights of 2022 was the 25th anniversary of my marriage. We had professional photos taken, and Alan did something romantic with my ring. A couple of years ago, the diamond fell out of my wedding ring, and I lost it. I saw the moment it happened, so I knew the diamond was somewhere around the cushioned chair where I was sitting. I called out for Alan to come help me look. I shook out my clothes and took out the seat cushion, and we finally found it. The experience reminded me of the Scripture from Luke 15, where the woman lost a valuable coin, and she swept her entire house until she found it, and there was much joy.

The ring really needed to be resized as well, and we didn’t have the money. Now, two years later, he had a better-paying job, and while I was on a road trip, Alan decided to take the ring and get each of my children’s birth stones placed into the ring.

Meanwhile Alan’s wedding ring didn’t fit either, so I decided to get him a new one. I had raised money by selling odds and ends, and I had presented him a ring on his birthday, but he didn’t like it. So I told him we could return the ring and pick out another one together.

Out of the blue, He calls me in the middle of a week day, which is odd, and tells me to come to him so we can pick out his ring. So we go to the jewelry store to pick out his ring, and we narrow it down until he found the one he wanted. Then he told me that we should look for a ring for me. I told him he didn’t need to get me a new ring–we just needed to re-attach the diamond. He said, “Let’s look at rings.”

I started looking, and I saw a ring that looked very similar to mine behind the glass, except that it had other gemstones in it. I pointed to it and said, “That looks similar to my ring…” He blurted out, “That’s your ring!”

I was definitely surprised, and I love it! I feel like royalty, and like it’s a crown of beauty. I feel like I’m carrying around my family everywhere I go. I told Alan that each stone represented one of our children, and that the diamond represented him.

Alan stopped and said, “No, it doesn’t represent me, it represents us.”

All I could do was smile. 🙂

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5 Responses to “25th Wedding Anniversary: Highlight of 2022”

  1. Thara says:

    My first wedding anniversary is next week. I was married several months after I gave birth. It was worth every penny but we also tried to save a lot of money too. Our plans include a day trip to a local bar in the area in order to mark the occasion.

  2. Thara says:

    My first ever wedding anniversary is on the horizon. It is actually in the middle of this November I got confused. And we have now also made a few tentative plans for one weekend that month in order to really celebrate the occasion. We will either go to a pub that is local to us for a cheap evening meal as a couple. The second option is to be totally romantic and spend one night in a hotel room on our own. We will ultimately see what happens however. It depends. A riverside walk sounds good.
    Option three we will probably order a lot of Chinese food and play board games and watch a movie with white wine. Option four we may invite some close friends over for a fast game of poker and eat tasty cupcakes as well for our dinner. Or we may also head down to a bowling alley and have a tray of mini pies afterwards back at home.
    Other suitable options include hospitality packages and so on. It is likely a drive into London in addition to see a musical or find a restaurant is going to happen. We like the idea of doing a escape room or a family picnic somewhere in a park.

  3. Thara says:

    Thank you. After a lot of discussion we have planned to do something. Not sure yet.

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