A Frame

a-frameOur church goes camping once a year during the summer. During that time, we listen to speakers and spend some time talking with other believers at a nearby lake. One year our family was able to stay in an A frame. The cabin is in the shape of an “A,” which is why people call it an A frame. I have sweet memories of my own childhood, staying in an A frame for about a week while we were on furlough. It is one of my happiest memories of childhood.

a-frame-2When you walk through the front door, you see an area downstairs. Then you see a stairway that goes up to a bedroom in the loft area. You can look over the railing and see what people are doing downstairs. I don’t know of any other shape of house that can do this. Everything is made of wood: the walls, the ceiling, and the floor. So it feels like you are in a very fun cabin.

In the A frame where I stayed with my husband and children, the loft had exactly three beds for the three boys. The downstairs had two bedrooms. My husband and I slept in one room, and my baby girl slept in the other. It was nice to be able to give the baby a nap right after lunch in a darkened room that was away from everyone else. The A frame was also considera-frame-3ably cooler than a tent would have been in the middle of summer. (Forget taking a nap in a 90 degree bright, sunny tent. You feel like you are in an oven!)

I loved the fact that only our family was in the house, so the experience built our sense of family unity. There was a small kitchen downstairs, and I was glad to be able to have the lactaid milk not spoil for my two children who were lactose intolerant back then. Also, you could get a cold snack from the fridge, or a cold glass of water. In a regular cabin with other people, you can’t even go to the bathroom without people looking at you in your pajamas. So the feeling of privacy in the “A” fraa-frame-4me was also fun.

In the early morning when the children woke up, they could play quietly while my husband and I continued sleeping, because the boys were safely locked in. If we had stayed in a cabin with other families, after going to the communal bathroom, a toddler would have been tempted to walk out the unlocked front door, go to the pretty lake, walk onto the pier, and fall off and drown. I didn’t have to worry about such things when we were safely bolted in our A frame.

I still smile every time I look at these pictures of our time in the A frame.

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