A Midsummer Night’s Dream Poem

a-midsummer-nights-dreamMy 11-year-old son Stephen Evans wrote a poem to summarize A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare:

I will tell you a hilarious comedy,
The best I ever said.
Four lovers ran into the woods
And everyone ended up wed.

Theseus was the duke of Athens,
He would marry his love with grandeur.
Hermia’s father wanted her to marry
Demetrius, but she loved Lysander.

Theseus gave Hermia four days
To marry Demetrius or die.
Hermia begged her father with tears,
“Why must I marry Demetrius? Why?”

Lysander said to his love, Hermia,
“I have a plan to become your spouse.
To be free from Athenian law,
We’ll run away to my grandma’s house.”

The plan was set in motion,
But Hermia told her friend.
In turn, her friend told Demetrius,
Who wanted it to come to an end.

Demetrius followed Lysander and Hermia,
Trying to win Hermia’s love.
Helena ran after Demetrius,
But Demetrius gave her a shove.

The forest was inhabited by fairies,
And King Oberon ruled them all.
He noticed Helena’s rejected love
And decided to rectify the gall.

Oberon ordered Puck to put love juice
On the young Athenian’s eyes.
Puck mistook Lysander for Demetrius,
And Helena was scandalized.

Puck realized his mistake
And put love juice on Demetrius.
Both men ran after Helena,
But poor Hermia was treated like pus.

They all fell asleep in the forest;
Oberon made Lysander’s eyes okay.
Now everyone loved their true loves
And married the very next day.

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11 Responses to “A Midsummer Night’s Dream Poem”

  1. LindseyLoo says:

    So funny! I just watched this movie Sunday night.
    So cute.

  2. What a creative kid! This is such a wonderful way to celebrate Shakespeare!

  3. I’m so impressed, that is awesome sauce!

  4. Jody says:

    I want to use this for my schools Shakespeare festival. Thinking of having all 2nd grade classes recite the poem in unison. Great summary.

  5. Marie-Claire says:

    Hi there – having seen that you are okay for this poem to be used in schools, I would like to let you know I am planning to use this with my 7th grade class (I think that’s right, it’s year 7 here) in a lesson that will include pupils looking at a variety of different forms of the play (various short stories, dramatic versions, videos etc). It’s a really wonderful poem, and please pass my thanks on to your son for writing it: a real ‘find’ on a google search! We are in the UK.

    Thank you Stephen! xx

  6. Thara says:

    My classes do their own poems in order to be creative. My first grade class are asked each year to write a short poem that describes Christmas. I include all the poems in a class book of poems afterwards. I tend to stick to doing only four line poems. The topic of the actual poem in question here depends. Good luck. The children have prepared poems on a number of topics including shapes, colours, animals, and the weather.

    We research the chosen topic in advance during lesson time. I love it. The children love it too. They learn a new skill. Poems are fun.

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