Another Romeo and Juliet Poem for Kids


My 9-year-old son Nathaniel also wanted to write his summary of Romeo and Juliet in poetic form. His poem ended up with very short lines, which were easier to write. He had a great time trying to rhyme all the action in the story. We made a list of the sequence of events on a sheet of paper, and he referred to the list as he wrote this Romeo and Juliet poem for kids:

Romeo arrived at a party
Dressed up with a mask.
He fell in love with Juliet.
Winning her heart would be a task

Because their families were enemies.
Later Romeo climbed the wall
To see Juliet at her balcony.
To her he did call.

They decided to get married
The next day on the morrow.
Juliet said to Romeo,
“Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

After marrying at the church,
Tybalt killed Mercutio.
So Romeo killed Tybalt
And was banished. Oh, no!

Because of Juliet’s grief
She drank a potion and fell asleep.
Her family thought she was dead.
All they could do was weep.

Romeo visited her grave,
Drank some poison and sighed;
While Juliet woke up,
Stabbed herself, and died.

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