Aquarium at Cannon Beach

aquarium-at-cannon-beachWe visited an aquarium at Cannon Beach called Seaside Aquarium. You can feed otters and see several octopuses, lots of anemones and other fish, and a petting zoo. It’s a small aquarium that has been open for over 70 years. It’s not really at Cannon Beach, but at a nearby town called Seaside. If you’re taking a vacation at Cannon Beach, it’s only about 15 minutes away. Two of my children loved feeling the sea stars and sea cucumbers with their fingers.

anemonesThe aquarium has one large room surrounded by glass aquariums. It has another room with the otters. In the main room you also have an area with a red octopus swimming around. What I’m saying is that if you expect a large elaborate aquarium, you will be disappointed, but if you expect something small, you will be delighted.

aquarium-at-cannon-beach-2The aquarium around the edges of the room is all salt water, with colorful eels, anemones, and shellfish. Rocks are covered with living creatures.

cannon-beach-aquariumMy son Stephen is my biologist, and he has always loved living creatures. He was glued like a magnet to the petting zoo area of the aquarium. He would watch how creatures responded to his touch.

aquariumHe also loved having a hermit crab tickle his fingers as it walked across his hand. He spent nearly an hour touching the beautiful and intriguing sea creatures. My daughter enjoyed touching the sea creatures as well.

hermit-crabMy other two sons preferred not to touch the sea creatures, but to look at them from a safe distance. They looked at the calm swaying of the tentacles of the sea anemones. They watched the fish swim around in the water.

cannon-beach-aquarium-2One tank had a lot of sea stars. The stars are sort of prickly to the touch, and their mouth is underneath. A sea urchin was also in the same aquarium, but it was so prickly that it felt like a pin cushion.

sea-starsHere is the fabulous octopus, the terrible monster of the deep. It reminds me of when we studied 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, where the octopus attacked a submarine!

octopusHere are some squid eggs. The long white sacks are filled with eggs, and the parent squid dies shortly after laying the eggs.

squid-eggsWe had a great time at the aquarium at Cannon Beach. The next day my daughter asked if we could go back because she loved it so much!

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6 Responses to “Aquarium at Cannon Beach”

  1. Amy B says:

    Hi Susan,
    Sounds like a great educational lesson! I remember in Japan, I ate sea urchins and octopus. Back to the aquarium, what a wonderful opportunity to learn by touching! That’s unique. Aren’t most just look-only places? Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to tell my niece who homeschools her little girls!

  2. Fun trip!!! Don’t you love it when they ask to go back before you have even had a chance to clear the clutter out of the car? It is a sign of a successful day.

  3. Oh, we love the Monterrey Bay aquarium! Haven’t been in a few years, but it’s such a great field trip.

    Have you heard the story about the disappearing fish at an aquarium? I don’t remember which one it was at, but they kept having a problem with fish going missing. Finally, they installed a camera, thinking to catch a staff member making off with them.

    It was the OCTOPUS!!! It climbed out of it’s tank at night, got into another tank, had a snack, then went back to it’s own tank! Wild, right?? They’re really smart. The aquarium staff stopped the octopus by lining the top of his tank with astroturf, so it suckers wouldn’t stick/he didn’t like the texture.

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