Articles about Finances


Here are some interesting articles about finances, with personal stories from my own life on how we lived frugally for over a decade while living under a crushing load of debt. To hear my full finances story on audio, click here.

Saving Money
Top Ten Ways to Get Out of Debt
Saving Money on Groceries
Are Coupons Worth the Hassle?
Do Warehouse Clubs Save You Money?
Saving Money on Children’s Clothes
Don’t Fight Over Finances
Cutting My Family’s Hair
Selling my Hair
Pointless Coveting

Yard Sales
Tips for Shopping at Garage Sales
Throwing a Fabulous Yard Sale

Cheap Entertainment
Dollar Movies
Exploring Local Parks
8 Ways to Relax with Your Kids
Climbing Trees
Playing with Cheetos
Camping in the Backyard
Splashing in Puddles
Growing Indoor Grass
Mime Act for Kids
Making Sun Prints
Painting from a Water Bucket
Sidewalk Chalk
Vegetable Creatures
Boredom Busters for Kids

Cheap Food
Making Your Own Flavored Popcorn
Snowflake Funnel Cake
Ice Cream Floats

Giving to Others
Hoarding Money
Exposing the Harm of Ultra-Frugality

What other ideas do you have for cheap entertainment, either for date nights with your spouse or for fun as a family?

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10 Responses to “Articles about Finances”

  1. OK this is fun and cheap and can be done as a family or date nights.
    We have a round kitchen table so this works great for the 5 of us and it is very cheap too. Open a can of Spam and slice it into 5 slices and then cube it – should give you 90 cubes of yummy delicious wonderful Spam. Everyone sits at the table with a plate. The idea is to toss a spam cube across into someone’s awaiting mouth without missing. The catcher holds a plate under their chin as not to waste. First thrower to get 18 in wins! To spice things up for date night you put hot sauce on a few of the cubes. Hours of entertainment – especially if you set up a video camera to tape the event and then re-watch the entire game – hilarity ensues.

  2. Diane Hurst says:

    I don’t think I could stomach the Spam!

    But we do like to play games. We have had a family “game night” for many years. Sometimes the day of week has changed because of different schedules, but it’s good to have everyone play some kind of a game together– then we have a treat like cookies/ice cream/dried mangos, etc. We have a custom made “Marble Roll” game (marbles roll into notches cut along the bottom of a cardboard box) that some of the kids created, and also play things like Uno, dominos, and sometimes board games or other card games. It doesn’t cost much (just need to have some kind of game and we also like to have a treat-snack afterwards).

  3. Emily Stoik says:

    Great list!! This will come in handy for me 🙂

  4. Woohoo!!! Congratulations Diane.
    Must say very glad you won as we never have played the Spam cube game.
    But I truly do love Spam.
    My favorite game to play is Settlers of Catan. Even more awesome than chess, cribbage, and pinocchio.

  5. Thara says:


    We have family meetings to discuss our finances in order to start off with. Our family meetings happen once a year only. I am the only person who makes out a set of brief summary notes. I then carefully brainstorm a typed up list of techniques and a few different other tried and tested ways in advance to save us some money.

    I now also have a quick reminder too. Best wishes. Finally I like to do a short talk about doing other free family activities in question here. All the aspects of finance are covered. For example we don’t go out to the town shops a lot anymore. It is much easier to use a independent small farm shop instead really. I like to see if our local weekly farmer market can help.

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