Bahamas Trip (Part 10): Parasailing

Our last destination of our Bahamas trip was St. Thomas, where Alan and I went parasailing. We climbed aboard a speedboat, and when it was our turn, we got strapped into a harness. It was basically a big double swing in the sky. Very relaxing except for the cold water dip at the end. The sun was shining, and the water was a beautiful blue.

Someone told us about a secluded beach, so we took a taxi. It was totally gorgeous with virtually nobody there. We saw enormous iguanas walking around. We decided to rent a jet ski, since my husband wanted to buzz around on the gorgeous water. I thought I did, too. Alan knows I’m up for anything, but I was highly surprised when he drove as fast as was humanly possible. If I didn’t bend the same way he was bending, we would have flipped over. And at the speed we were going, we for sure would have died. I looked at the water racing by in a blur, wondering if hitting it would feel like concrete. I’m really not afraid of death, just the painful bit right before death. So I gripped the seat with my thighs in a death grip and tried not to squeeze Alan too hard, so that he could enjoy himself and feel freedom.

I let him have fun. He had no idea I was scared half to death and whamming against the seat. We caught air twice, flying through the air, and I could tell by the way Alan was whooping that he was loving it. I relaxed and told myself that I would love to see Christ. I closed my eyes and tried to become one in movement to my husband. Whenever he moved, I moved in the exact same direction. Be one. That is all I thought about. I couldn’t anticipate his movements. I had to follow. I rested, I followed, I was one in movement with him.

Looking back, I realize the experience was a good illustration for submission. First, submission to God is yielding to the Holy Spirit, being yoked to Christ and moving when He moves. Asking God what I should be doing, and calmly allowing myself to be led, and feeling joy in the obedience. Secondly, submitting to my husband was being one with him, yielding and moving in the same direction, and allowing him to lead. And feeling joy in the oneness.

That’s what it was like. But when my thighs were burning and the whamming against the seat was actually hurting, I finally told Alan, “Ummm… Sweetheart, could you slow down? I have no idea where you’re going to turn, and my muscles are sore. I thought I was going to enjoy this, but… not so much.”

He immediately slowed down. He buzzed to the middle of the bay and shut off the motor. He unstrapped the key from his arm, turned around, and kissed me. It was a really great kiss. (blushes)

The next day, we took three flights back to Spokane. The kids were happy to see us, and Alan and I were so refreshed from the wonderful honeymoon that God restored to us.

For those of you who haven’t seen the YouTube video, here it is:

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8 Responses to “Bahamas Trip (Part 10): Parasailing”

  1. This was an interesting read. While I don’t subscribe to the same school of thought, I do love that you learned how to let go and let someone else have their fun. 😀

  2. Kelli says:

    Just read all entries…what an adventure! I feel so happy for you that you had your dream honeymoon; God is sooo good!

  3. Shecki says:

    Wow! Just read through the whole series about your trip. What a special getaway! <3

  4. I love this so much! I adore when He teaches us things about relationship and His character through events in our lives. I also love how you leaned and surrendered, but that the moment you told your husband to slow down he responded gently and immediately 🙂

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