Bahamas Trip (Part 4): Misgivings


On the night before the Bahamas trip, I suddenly had misgivings. My sister called me the previous week and told me that even if there was a hurricane, I have a husband who loves me, so everything would be fine. Um… no. My husband and I were burned out and felt like crap, and the last thing we needed was to board a ship in the middle of a hurricane, puking vomit at each other. If that was going to be the case, I would rather not go, thank you very much.

I felt nervous. Our bags were packed, and then my sister called. She said that she was watching the news, and the hurricane had gone a different direction, and she prayed that we would have sunshine every day, and she had so much joy that I would.

Even though it was just words in the air, for some reason I believed her. After hanging up the phone, I felt excited as I put my bags by the front door.

We woke up early, and my parents arrived. My mother walked in, since she was going to watch the children, even though they were still sleeping. My mom handed each of us a bagged breakfast, and off we went with my dad to the airport.

We had to board four airplanes that day. On the longest flight, which was over five hours, Alan and I weren’t even seated together. I told the man next to me that I was going with my husband on the honeymoon I never had. Within minutes, he had rearranged the seats so that I could sit with my husband. Later on a different flight I saw an angry woman who was yelling about her rights, that she should be seated with her 12-year-old. Nobody changed seats for her.

When we landed in Puerto Rico, we went to our hotel, which was right on the beach. It was my husband’s idea to leave a day early because there were so many flights, we could easily have missed our cruise if one of the flights was delayed. Some of the layovers were only 20 minutes. Yes, we had to run like two kids through the airport a couple of times.

But the fact that we had come a day early meant that we had an extra day of vacation, the first vacation my husband and I had ever had in 14 years of marriage. The hotel was gorgeous and exotic, but it had been inexpensive because it was attached to a casino. I have no opinion about gambling, and my husband and I were too busy walking along the beach in the moonlight to waste our time in a casino.

Yes, the night was a perfect temperature, and the moon shone down on the beach. I had talked in Spanish to one of the guards, who told us to take off our watches before going on the beach. I asked if it was dangerous to walk on the beach at night, and he basically said that you get attacked if you have a watch, but you’re fine if you’re not wearing a watch.

I know what you girls are thinking: why on earth would I walk along a beach if it was dangerous? But I felt completely and utterly safe, almost as if angels were surrounding me. I wanted Alan to throw me down into the foam of the waves and make love to me right then and there, but he said as much as he would love to do that, there were four pairs of eyes watching us. I said, โ€œReally?โ€ I looked around and saw nobody. Alan, being the son of a police officer, pointed out the four men who were hiding in the shadows in different locations.

(Stay tuned for part 5 of my Bahamas trip story, where we boarded the ship on the same day that a hurricane struck…)

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6 Responses to “Bahamas Trip (Part 4): Misgivings”

  1. momto8blog says:

    you are just sooo lucky!

  2. Yaa Attobrah says:

    Aww ended too quickly. Cant wait to read next installment. Lovely story of being together. Love your adventure

  3. Mikaela says:

    Yikes, regarding those four men in the shadows! I am glad that your husband was aware of them and that you two stayed safe. I’m loving reading about your adventure! I have never been out of the country before, so I am enjoying “traveling along” with you!

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