Coral Farm


Several years ago we visited a coral farm. It was basically a big room that was like a greenhouse situated in the backyard of someone’s house that lived in the country. There were about six big blue tubs which were filled with salt water. Because it was cold outside, the entire room had to be heated.


I can’t imagine that this man is making any money growing coral. He buys the coral very small. Then he grows the coral over time. He has gauges in the water to make sure the chemicals are correct as well as the temperature. Coral reefs only grow in the tropics, if you haven’t noticed.


Anyway, I just felt sorry for the man, because he spent a ton of money setting this up, and he only had about 20 or 30 specimens in total. There was one coral that he let the children touch during our tour, and the children enjoyed that. Some of the coral was colorful, even though it was all pretty small. I don’t recommend going on this tour because it wasn’t very interesting, considering that I had to drive almost an hour to get there.


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