Crazy Dr. Seuss Hats


These crazy Dr Seuss hats can be made by children of any age. You could decorate a green one for Saint Patrick’s Day. Many stores sell them for one dollar around Saint Patrick’s Day, so they don’t cost much. You will also need a hot glue gun and craft supplies that you can find around your house.

Make sure that an adult is present to use the hot glue gun. Let your children decide where they want to put each item. My daughter made a nest on the top of her Dr Seuss hat, and put some fake birds into it. Then she made a face on the main part of the hat with pom poms and pipe cleaners. She added some butterflies.

My oldest son stuck some feathers to his hat, adding a face and placing pom poms around the entire edge of the hat. His one was green and looked the most like a St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun hat. Now all he needs is a rainbow and a pot of gold. And he needs to be short and stubby and chew on some clover leaves. Yes.

Next up is the crazy Dr Seuss hat that was orange and red. I could hardly look at it without going blind from the clashing colors. My son hot glued all kinds of plastic animals and other nonsense to his hat. As you can see, he is crossing his eyes in the picture, adding to the jovial nature of the picture. (He doesn’t normally look that frieky.)

Last but not least, my youngest son made a face and hot glued a big pom pom to the front of his Dr Seuss hat. We also sewed a twirly propeller-type thing to the top. We picked it up at a dollar store the day before we made these crazy Dr Seuss hats.

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  1. Lara M says:

    Oh my word! These are so fun! We will be adding this into our rainy day activity list. Thank you for sharing!

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