Creating a Homeschool Schedule


Do you need help creating a homeschool schedule?

Yesterday I participated in a panel with several homeschooling parents, where we discussed many topics related to creating a schedule for your homeschool. What are the pros and cons of loose and rigid schedules? How do you create a schedule that works for you? What does your schedule look like, and why do you do it that way? How do you even begin to organize your day as a homeschool mom?

Here is the video panel workshop, answering all these questions:

My biggest secret for creating a homeschool schedule:

The biggest secret for how I get done the things that matter in homeschooling and in life is this: I pray about each activity and ask God what I should be doing, and what I shouldn’t be doing. I prioritize what’s important, and I don’t do every activity that comes along.

My current homeschool schedule:

Almost everything I’m doing right now for homeschooling revolves around the Bible. We are filming the entire Bible, brought to life in skits and hands-on activities, from Genesis to Revelation, to put into the Bible section of the Vault. We are also doing Earth and Space by Bright Ideas Press, and we are filming what we are doing as we blog about it. That’s all we have time for. (We did a full year of history last semester.) The kids get their math done first thing in the morning, then we have Bible class (includes writing, art, reading, and history), then we do hands-on science. After this we have lunch, then silent reading for an hour. This is what our schedule looks like right now.

8:00 am–Breakfast
8:30 am–Math
10:00 am–Bible class
11 am–Science class
12 noon–lunch & silent reading

More schedule-related articles, videos, and workshops I’ve done in the past, that can give you some ideas for creating a homeschool schedule:

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4 Responses to “Creating a Homeschool Schedule”

  1. Ticia says:

    It was fun talking with you!

  2. YES!!! SCORE! I am planning on starting Genesis next January as an Early History Unit Study (before we jump into the ancients the following year) plus we are working our way through the New Testament until then! I was hoping I would be able to find lots of awesome ideas from you! I CAN”T WAIT to purchase our lifetime family subscription to the Vault so I can get a bigger jump on my planning!

    And I always come back to your scheduling ideas as well when I’m formulating plans in my head! I have watched your day int he life video on You Tube countless times so it is nice to get an update on what you guys are doing now!

    • Susan says:

      Thank you for your enthusiastic reply! We are having so much fun, bringing to life the entire Bible. My kids are brainstorming with me, and they come up with fun and wonderful ideas to add to our videos, and they are internalizing the Word of God in the process!

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