Dolls Around the World


A great geography project for kids to understand the cultures of different countries is to make dolls around the world. Why not have your kids look up the traditional costumes of several countries and sew or hot glue those costumes onto dolls?

You will want to collect lots of scraps of cloth. If you do this with a school or homeschool co-op, one child can sign up for each country, and you can have the child research the costume for that one country. Then they can write a speech or report to go with their doll, and present it on a geography day!

I had always wanted to do this project myself and never had the time. When I saw this homemade dolls around the world set at a resale shop, I was overjoyed that I could show my children the costumes of the different countries while decorating my homeschool room colorfully.

If you don’t want to buy so many dolls, you can make dolls out of toilet paper tubes. Just hot glue cloth and beautiful accessories on them, and you can have a less expensive version of the dolls around the world. When I was a teacher in the schools, I assigned a biography for each of my students, and they made a figure of the person beginning with a toilet paper tube. Most of the students’ figures came out gorgeous!

Looking at all these dolls makes me want to travel the world!

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8 Responses to “Dolls Around the World”

  1. Ticia says:

    I am supremely jealous of this set! I love dolls around the world, and used to collect them when I was a kid.

    • Susan says:

      I love how diverse the clothes of different countries are! The dolls are a colorful addition to the main room downstairs.

      • Sandra lafferty says:

        I’m in my late 70s and am broken hearted that my grandma in wv gave mine away and gave searched for them for years they were my family. If u want to part with them u would make this old lady very happy.

  2. Sandra lafferty says:

    My grandmother started a collection of these dolls when I was a child and I mo ved and left them in playhouse at my other gra dnad house and she gave them away in wv and I have searched fir them for years abx it breaks my heart i never found them.

  3. Sandra lafferty says:

    I’m close to 80 now and would still like to have them. My favorite was I loved them all they were my family. My mom left me when I was 3 and when she came back for me I was 16 and grabbed what I had and was so excited forgot about dolls at grandma other home where I keep them safe from others,I took real good care of them. I was the only one who played with them

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