Fish Hatchery


While studying underwater sea creatures, we decided to go on a tour of a local fish hatchery. When we arrived, a truck was being loaded with fish to dump into the local lakes. We saw a crane with a net filled with fish, dripping with excess water. The contents of the net were dumped into the main section of the truck, which was presumably filled with water.


We saw lots of cement containers filled with fish at different stages of growth. A tour guide even gave us a short lecture, pointing out the stages of a fish by showing us actual fish eggs at different stages of development.


As we were leaving, we saw a sign outside that showed a map of the fish hatchery. When we were driving away, I realized why people who go fishing need to pay for a fishing license. I thought fish were free, that they lived in lakes and rivers, and that if you were hungry, you could go catch a fish. I had no idea that expensive facilities provided the fish so that people could go fishing.


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6 Responses to “Fish Hatchery”

  1. Very interesting! What a great idea to take them there to learn about it.

  2. Totally taking my Girl Scout troop!

  3. Michael says:

    A lot of hatcheries have to replenish rivers and lakes that are fished out. Teaching folks to catch and release will help conserve what we have left.

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