French Cafe for Kids


A fun activity to do with your kids when they are learning about France is to construct a simple French cafe for kids. You will need 8 two-by-fours screwed together to make a frame.


Next you want to staple a roll of brown paper around the outer edge of the frame on three sides. Also make a paper ceiling.


If you have a roll of colorful paper, you don’t have to paint it. We got a free roll of paper from the newspaper office, and we painted that yellow. We allowed it to dry for 3 hours. Then we cut waves into it, like the top fringe of a French cafe would look in Paris. We wrote “French Cafe” on the fringe with an extra thick black marker.


Go ahead and staple that to the top of the wooden frame, and you have a finished cafe!


Load up your cafe with French pasties and strong coffee. Set out small tables and chairs outside your cafe, and serve your friends while listening to French music playing in the background. Bon Apetit!

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