Tips for Gardening with Kids


Gardening with kids is a joy! The kids can see a plant growing up out of the soil into a large and beautiful plant. Getting fresh air and sunshine is good for children, and they are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables when they grow their own plants.


First you will want to find a plot of ground for your child to plant his or her garden. There was a small square plot at the front of our house, and my son chose that space for a small tomato plant. If you look at the picture above, last year his plant grew to ten times the size in just three months! The tomatoes tasted wonderful. He wanted to sell them, but they were just too good. So into his mouth they popped.


This year my son wanted to plant strawberry plants. I told him that a contained area is great for strawberry plants, which tend to take over the whole yard like a weed. The strawberry plants thrived as well.

Tips for Gardening with Kids

  • Make sure that the soil is rich in the area where your child is planting. You will want to dig out the bad soil and replace it with good gardening soil.
  • Don’t forget to water your plants. You might want to place a note on the refrigerator to remind your child to water the plants.
  • Let the child choose the plants. This way they will be more interested in the growth and produce of their plants.
  • Choose plants that are native to your area. You are more likely to succeed if the plants are indigenous to the area. You can find those in local nurseries rather than big chain stores that ship their plants from outside your state.

Have a wonderful time gardening with your kids!

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13 Responses to “Tips for Gardening with Kids”

  1. I love gardening with my kids. It’s such a peaceful activity and to see the fruit of our efforts is awesome.

    Thanks for sharing Susan!

    Loved the pictures.

  2. Ailin says:

    This is gonna be my first year starting a garden! I never thought to include my kids in the process, mainly ’cause I’m still learning myself, but now I wanna try it out! Would love to see more tips on how to include little kids, this was great!

    • Susan says:

      Kids love to help out in the garden, and they can learn so much. It’s also good for their bodies to get sunshine and fresh air.

  3. I miss our garden! We had a nice one at our old house, but haven’t done one here. We have a much smaller yard, sigh.

  4. Michelle says:

    I agree that gardening is great for kids. You have some good tips to set them up for success.

  5. Ashley says:

    I love gardening and I want to get my kids involved! Thanks for these!

  6. Thara says:

    I did lots of gardening as a little child. I used to work in my garden each summer in order to maintain it all on the cheap. You can even find free gardening books in the local library and online as well. Additionally you can take a look at plants in the garden centres in addition as well as the books at bookshops. Good luck.

  7. Thara says:

    Part Two.

    I have seen plants in a variety of places. One place is at a college and another is the local garden centre. Best wishes. Often times you can even access a allotment in order to see what they have. Definitely acquire free gardening books too. Read them all carefully and then try to make some brief summary notes. Again gardening is a nice hobby. Most shops stock plants at reasonable prices. Start off there.

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