Growing Up as a Missionary Kid

Here is the book trailer for my Growing Up as a Missionary Kid book:

I’m Susan Evans, the author of Growing Up as a Missionary Kid. I grew up in Guatemala because my parents were missionaries there. My life was totally different than a person who has grown up here in the United States. For example, a bullet flew through the window and nearly killed my sister.

Also, a bomb went off at the house of one of my close friends. That was after her family got a note telling them to get out of the country or they would be would be killed. So they actually left and went back to the States. Shortly thereafter, some guerrillas took over the house; they shot it up and there was a big bomb and everything. My family got to go out to eat for dinner because the police wouldn’t let us drive down our street.

Growing-Up-As-A-Missionary-Kid-4Another day I was standing in line at a bank with my mom. There was a soldier in the corner with a machine gun, with his hand on the trigger. As a young child, I just looked at his hand on the trigger, and I thought to myself, “Hmmm… I wonder what would happen if I walked behind him and yelled, ‘Boo!'” Then everybody would be killed, right? Because he had his hand on the trigger. I mean, that’s kind of stupid.

So that’s how I saw life.

This book is interesting because it is ground-breaking in the way that it presents life from the point of view of a child in a missionary kid situation. For that reason, church libraries ought to have this book, to remember to pray for the children of missionaries and not just the parents. Yes, the parents are doing the work that matters, but the children also are important. They could drag the ministry down if they go astray. So it’s important to remember the kids.

Another place that would enjoy this book is Christian schools because even though I wrote it for adults, this is really juvenile non-fiction. Kids really resonate with it because it is told from the point of view of a child. It’s exciting non-fiction. A lot of non-fiction is extremely dry and boring for reports. So kids will be glad if you buy the book for your local Christian school.

Other people that would enjoy this would be homeschooling parents because not only does it give an excitement for missions to your children, but it also has lots of fun ideas of what you can do with your kids. I did a lot of investigating in all my escapades from boarding school. It’s a fun book about fun experiences. For that reason, it’s a fun read.

100% of the profit of this book go to missions, and so I get zero. So it’s not self-serving for me to tell you to buy the book. It is for your own enjoyment as well as supporting missionaries.

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4 Responses to “Growing Up as a Missionary Kid”

  1. Oh it sounds just wonderful! I am so happy for you to have it in print!

  2. PrairieMom says:

    I purchased this book at our local homeschool convention this year.
    My daughter (12) read it in about 2 days. She really enjoyed Susan’s perspective and writing style. She usually reads fiction so she was VERY skeptical AT FIRST and then ended up being pleasantly surprised. Thank you for sending all the proceeds to missionaries. How wonderful!

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