Half-Hearted, Mediocre Head Rub

So I was sitting on the edge of the bed one night, grading my daughter’s math pages. I had gotten behind again, having found six ungraded pages in the kitchen. I told myself that I was never going to get behind on grading math again, because if my child gets something wrong and continues to do it wrong for days, the habit is harder to break. And there is more work that the child has to do to go back and understand the concept. I sighed.

Meanwhile my husband sat on the floor in front of me, having had a hard day. I set the papers down and started rubbing his head. I continued to check my daughter’s papers, though, because I told myself I couldn’t go to bed until they were done. And I was tired.

My husband realized he was getting a half-hearted, mediocre head rub. He said, “You would rather grade math pages than rub my head.”

“Umm… no. I don’t like grading math, actually. But I found all these pages I haven’t graded.”

My husband reached around and took my math pages and started grading them. I smiled and gave him a much higher quality head rub…

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