Hearing God

hearing-godCan people today hear God? In other words, does God speak individually to believers who are open to what He would have them do? The answer is yes.

Today I was reading the book Walking with God by Beth Jones, and the chapter, “But I don’t hear God’s voice” really struck me. I realized that most people don’t even try to listen to God, and they don’t know what God’s voice is supposed to sound like. They miss out on a lot of wisdom that God has. If you don’t consult God about what you should be doing, you are missing out on a more fulfilling life, where God is using you to accomplish His will.

Beth Jones mentions that one reason we can’t hear God is because of unconfessed sin. “Sin affects our ability to hear from God,” she says, and I agree. Scripture tells us that sin blocks our prayers. So the first place to start is to ask God to reveal sin in your life. Then ask God’s forgiveness, and turn away from doing it. We need to be pursuing holiness, too.

Secondly, we need to be praying. I would like to add that if you ask God a question, this helps. So ask God a question, and then be quiet. The answer will come as a still, quiet voice. As long as it doesn’t contradict Scripture and is motivated by love, you have nothing to lose by obeying. Also, there is a supernatural peace that comes with obeying God’s voice. It’s not audible, by the way. It’s more like a knowing. After you’ve obeyed Him once, you will recognize it in the future.

Third, make sure your radio is off, your TV is off, and that there is no noise pollution. If your kids are really noisy, take out something that will cause them to be quiet, like an educational video. (I know, the TV is on, but if you go into another room and shut the door, you finally have the silence you need.) Even though God sometimes speaks to your heart in the middle of noise, usually you are too distracted to hear God, which is why Beth Jones recommends silence.

Fourth, our hearts have to be open to God. If our hearts are closed, we aren’t going to hear Him. Beth Jones also talks about fasting. To be honest, I don’t know that much about fasting. But Jesus was God, and He fasted, seeking the will of God. Apparently fasting can clarify your mind as to what the will of God is. If you have diabetes or low blood sugar, it might be dangerous, so make sure it is what God wants you to do. Plus, you shouldn’t be too weak to take care of your family. She mentioned fasts where you can drink orange juice and other liquids, and you still have a similar effect of weakness and leaning on God.

So can we hear God today? The answer is absolutely yes! “My sheep hear My voice.” (John 10:27) All we have to do is quiet ourselves before God, make sure we have no unconfessed sin, and have our hearts open to His voice.

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