Hidden Benefits of Zumba

  1. benefits-of-zumbaNo Resentment – Zumba is an aerobic exercise that tones the whole body. The hour goes by fast. It’s the only exercise that I look forward to. There is no dreaded workout, no watching the clock because I wish it was over, and no resentment that I have to exercise to keep my body in shape for my husband. None of that. I do Zumba for me, and it benefits my body, my health, and my husband with no down side.
  2. Increased Energy Level – Exercise increases endorphins which cause me to feel more clear-headed and improves my mood. I sleep better. I have more energy for my husband and my children. Often when I come home from Zumba, I’m a better companion for my husband because I don’t feel foggy.
  3. Body Acceptance and Awareness – I used to be a total klutz. I didn’t really know where the end of my body was until I started doing Zumba. And I love my body now more than I ever have, not because it’s better than when I was in my 20’s, because it’s not. But I’m more confident now, as far as moving my body. That confidence is highly appealing to my husband.
  4. Long-term sustainability – Every other time I’ve done exercise, it’s fallen by the wayside as soon as I’ve reached my goal. Zumba is one of those things that I don’t mind doing for the rest of my life.
  5. Delight your husband – Besides the increased confidence in your body, the fact that you are more toned speaks volumes to your husband, and he notices. Many Zumba classes are held at churches, and my own Zumba instructor is a married Christian woman with two small children. She moves her body in a sensual way that would be highly appealing to her husband, and I want to learn exactly how she does that. Especially for godly women who keep themselves away from smut, this is a safe way to learn how to delight your husband with your movements. God is pleased when you delight your husband, so it’s godly to learn how to be sensual. No matter what shape you’re in, no matter what a klutz you are, you can learn how to surprise and delight your husband and make him happy. Intimacy is clean and pure, and God is the one who invented it. Even if your relationship with your husband is already good, Zumba can make it even better by teaching you how to move in an appealing way. For this reason I strongly endorse Zumba for Christian married women.

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8 Responses to “Hidden Benefits of Zumba”

  1. Ruth says:

    Zumba sounds fun! I loved what you wrote about being sensual for your husband. My husband is fond of raising his eyebrows and laughing at me (in a good way) when I say or do something for him, and saying, “I had no idea you were this “bad” when I married you!” Mm-hm. I love it! 😉

  2. #7 – enjoying music from all over the world.
    #8 – If you have a bad back, you just might find that you don’t have as many problems with it. I have been doing water zumba for about 18 months now and my back issues have definitely improved.

  3. Kate Hansen says:

    I loved how you mentioned that it can help with body confidence! My cousin was telling me last night about how she has been thinking about finding a gym that offers Zumba classes, but she wanted to learn more about the benefits of taking classes. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to her so that she can know more about the benefits of taking Zumba classes!

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