Homeschooling Reluctant Writers #7: Invention

Homeschooling Reluctant Writers
A series of 10 fun writing assignments given by a pirate)

Aaaaarrggghh! This is Dread Pirate Susan Evans here to give you ideas for homeschooling reluctant writers.

homeschooling-reluctant-writers-7Writing Idea #7: Invention

  • Go ahead and create a new invention that’s never been invented before. You can use building sets like K’nex, or Erector sets, or Robotic Legos, or anything you have around the house. Or you can use wood, pulleys, ropes, and things like that.
  • Watch the explanation of a fun invention. (“This is my invention. Let me show you how it works: I will pour water into this small bucket. The water will load down the bucket, pulling the middle bucket up. This will pull the string, making this rope free to move over the pulley. Gravity will then pull the last bucket down to land on these two wires. This will turn the light bulb on, completing the circuit.”)
  • Make sure you describe how your invention works in many paragraphs. You might want to invent something that’s useful to society. You could get a patent for it and earn bucket loads of money. Yeah…

This is Dread Pirate Susan Evans, signing off. Aaaaarrggghhh!

Calling all homeschooled kids! I dare you to make a video response to this pirate video on YouTube:

  • Make an invention. Use materials from around your house.
  • Write a full page description of your invention.
  • Read your description  into a video camera, and show us how the invention works. Upload it to YouTube.
  • Go to the above video on YouTube, and press “video response.”
  • I am automatically notified when someone posts a video response. After watching it, I will embed it right here on this page!

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