Don’t Let Homeschooling Ruin Your Marriage

how homeschooling affects marriageHomeschooling often puts a strain on marriage. Join Alan and Susan Evans as they talk about how to keep marriage a priority during the homeschool years. It’s so easy to let homeschooling take over your life, as a homeschool mom. Because we pour our lives into homeschooling, we often feel joy about what we accomplish in that area. Don’t let homeschooling take your eyes off your marriage. Maintaining a connection with your spouse does not come naturally if you don’t nurture it. Marriage is a topic that both Alan and Susan feel strongly about, and their refreshing honesty will help you to envision how your marriage is supposed to be.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012  3:30pm Central (1:30pm Pacific) Click here to join us live on the Homeschool Channel.

Here is the replay, for those of you who missed it: (We had audio difficulties during the last two minutes.)

Here is an outline of what we covered:

  • How homeschooling can take over the life of a homeschool mom so that marriage goes on the back burner by accident
  • Your first love and most joy — (aside from God) should be your husband
  • How to prioritize your relationship with your spouse
  • What the wife can do if her husband is against homeschooling
  • The perspective of the man with regards to homeschooling
  • Many marriages end over petty disagreements that become annoying and drag out to the point where one of the spouses gives up
  • How to have conversations with your husband that are not always about homeschooling
  • How finances affect homeschooling
  • Don’t exhaust yourself with homeschooling. How to be joyful when your husband comes home rather than be haggard
  • You married your husband because he was going the direction you wanted to go. As a wife, if you ask God to give you his heart, then you will have more oneness in your marriage.

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