Ideas for Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Here are some fun ideas for stocking stuffers for kids that make the stockings special for the individual child’s personality:


Bryan (at age 10): a hard-cover book about robotics, a solar panel for his electronics kit (along with LED’s and transistors), a computer game, a new watch, a science kit, an ornament of a sled (since he enjoyed sledding down the hills with his friend), and candy.


Stephen (at age 9): a Transformer robot, a working stethoscope, a recorder and music book, a metronome (for keeping time when playing his guitar), pirate stickers, a three-dimensional bookmark with cool sea creatures, a magic picture book of invisible bugs (they show up when you slide pencil across the page), an ornament of fishing (his favorite activity), and candy.


Nathaniel (at age 7): a Transformer robot, spy sunglasses, a tape measure that snaps back, puffy outer space stickers, a toy submarine that goes under the water (he loved visiting a real submarine last year), cowboy stickers, bug bookmarks, an ornament of ice skates, and candy.


Rachel (at age 5): new hairbrush, doll clothes, pink glow stick, pretend cell phone, ornament of Jack-in-the-Box (highly appropriate for her character), a pink sweater ornament that might just fit one of her dollhouse dolls, craft kit, book about Jesus, and candy.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas for exciting stocking stuffers for each of your children!


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6 Responses to “Ideas for Stocking Stuffers for Kids”

  1. Ann says:

    Why do you buy your children such gender stereotyped presents?

    • Susan says:

      I love boys to be masculine and girls to be feminine. I don’t believe in androgeny. On the other hand, I involve my daughter in all the same activities that I do with my sons, so I believe in equal intellectual competence.

    • Samanthakay says:

      LOL I did not even notice that. I know with my kids they tend to ask for toys made for boys or girls. Without anyone telling them they should like dolls or robots ect.

  2. Gwen says:

    These are wonderful! Great choices and so much fun! My son would love Bryan’s stocking!

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