LEGO Civil War


When you study the Civil War, you can re-create different scenes with LEGO. One of the best ways to use LEGO in studying the Civil War is to use the LEGO people as soldiers to re-enact the battles. If you join many green LEGO bases together, you could even make the terrain–the rivers, mountains, valleys, and trees–to make the battles look more authentic.

Ideas for LEGO Civil War Scenes

Besides the obvious battle strategies and tactics for the Civil War, you can also re-create the following scenes:

  • Create a LEGO Civil War hospital. Put a red cross into a white wall as you build the hospital, and make sure you have plenty of beds where soldiers have amputated legs and arms. Civil War soldiers notoriously had body parts amputated needlessly because of lack of hygiene.
  • Build a Civil War camp with white tents and campfires and soldiers milling about.
  • Re-enact the Underground Railroad in LEGO. Have LEGO men trying to escape from cruel slave masters and flee to Canada with the help of friendly homes along the way.
  • Sew a miniature hoop skirt for a LEGO person. Add a parasol by using a small paper umbrella from a party supply store.


In these ways, you can bring to life this time period and internalize the Civil War while having fun with LEGOs!

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  1. Daniel says:

    Such an awesome way to get kids wheels turning. Can also be done with the toy box on the WiiU’s infinity! So far I’ve only done Fredericksburg and Sharpsburg, but my screen addicted son is begging for more!

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