LEGO Music


Have you ever thought of using LEGOs to teach music? There are many ways that you can create LEGO music:

  • Make sheet music with LEGOs and have your kids play the musical notes or to identify what each note is on the scale.
  • Make the shapes of different musical notations using white LEGOs on a green LEGO base. Identify each shape.
  • Design different instruments on LEGO bases. Pictured above is a saxophone and a drum. As you can see, the curved edges are possible by tapering the LEGOs. You can also use colors like black for shadows, as well as for the keys on the saxophone. You can decorate the drum by creating stripes of different colors.


When creating a LEGO guitar, you will need two LEGO bases. The bottom part of the guitar will be on one base, and the top part on the second base. You can use white LEGOs and look at the shape of a guitar from a picture.


You can also create a LEGO piano by using black and white LEGOs. My son attached the keyboard to a yellow strip that represents the wooden part of the piano. Don’t you love how all the LEGO music creations turned out?

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6 Responses to “LEGO Music”

  1. This is so fantastic! Thank you for some awesome ideas. 🙂

  2. You guys are so incredibly creative! We’ve been listening to Peter and the Wolf, so we’re talking about music these days, too. I’ll have to show my kids. 🙂

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