LEGO Trench Warfare


While studying World War I, my children decided to build LEGO trench warfare. We started with a green base and built up the terrain by using mostly green LEGO bricks. After building up the terrain as tall as you can, put the LEGO men down into the trenches. The good guys can look up over the trench while fighting against their enemies.


One edge has one trench, and the opposite edge has another trench. There can be holes in the trenches to look out at the enemy.

There should be a plain between the two sides. The plain in the middle has land mines and barbed wire, so have the soldiers run carefully not to set off any land mines. If a land mine is set off, make a small explosion with gray LEGO bricks.


Machine guns were also stationed behind the trenches, and they would mow down the enemy when they were charging. This is war. It’s tragic and gruesome, and it’s a part of history. This hands-on activity is one way to understand World War I.

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