List of Random Thoughts

I AM…an intense person.
I WANT…to please God with all my heart.
I HAVE…everything I need.
I KEEP…my word.
I WISH I COULD…help my husband to stop hurting all over and be able to sleep.
I HATE…lies from the enemy.
I FEAR…God and stand in awe of Him.
I HEAR… the laughter of my children.
I DON’T THINKâ€ĶI’ll ever take up knitting.
I REGRET…all the years I wanted to die.
I LOVE…my husband.
I AM NOT…connecting to my church.
I DANCE…in freedom before the Lord.
I SING…His praises.
I NEVER…want my children to not feel loved.
I RARELY…get angry any more.
I CRY WHEN…I’m convicted of my sin.
I HATE THATâ€ĶI can’t break even in my business.
I NEED…God alone.
I SHOULD…yield to God continuously.

Go ahead and make your own list of random thoughts, and let me know what you came up with. It’s interesting to see what you write instinctively–it might reveal something about you that you didn’t know!

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16 Responses to “List of Random Thoughts”

  1. Oooohhh, I love free associations like this! I’m grabbing it for my blog. 🙂

    • Susan says:

      Feel free! The list was circulating mommy blogs today. I’m not sure who started it or where they got the list from, but they’re common in psychology, to help find out what is on your mind and heart.

  2. Rena says:

    Great post!

  3. Love this.. your such a beautiful lady and I’m so glad we got connected via our blogs. You inspire me in some way with every post..

  4. Rochelle says:

    I love your post. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love making new blog friends. Hope you have a great Saturday.

  5. Emmy says:

    Great great list.

  6. Julie says:

    Love your list!! This would be a great one for my journal!

    Also loved your post about the grocery store – been there and done that! LOL

    God bless you – Julie

  7. renee says:

    rofl I was wondering to if the yogurt would go bad leaving it out .

  8. Lioness says:

    I like the character of your blog. Cool!!!

  9. Melissa says:

    I love your list and how something so simple can say so much about you!

    I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

  10. Heather says:

    Very nice post, I like the list.

  11. Shecki says:

    I started to copy & change it to suit me, and realized… my post would be too depressing. 🙁

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