Make Your Own Prayer Box


A good friend gave me a prayer box as a gift. She and her daughter decorated an Altoid tin and placed a pad of paper and tiny pencil inside for prayer requests. Doesn’t the prayer box look lovely?

How to Make Your Own Prayer Box

Step 1: First you will need to buy a tin with candy in it. Eat the candy or give it away.

Step 2: Glue some cloth or scrapbook paper to the top of the tin. Tacky glue and hot glue work the best. Keep in mind the favorite colors of the person you will give the prayer box to, or match it to the home decor so that she will be happy to leave it out.

Step 3: Use a black marker to write “Prayer Box” on top, if you used scrapbook paper. If you used cloth, use cloth markers or puff paint.

Step 4: Glue cloth or scrapbook paper to the inside top of the tin. Type “Prayer Requests,” a Scripture verse about prayer, or a short poem on a sheet of paper, cut it out, and glue it on top of the inside lid.

Step 5: Place a pad of paper and a small pencil in the box.

You are now finished making your own prayer box. Either use it yourself or make prayer boxes for your friends. You can keep track of people’s prayer requests by writing one request on each piece of paper. You can also write your worries on the pieces of paper, and give those requests to God.

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  1. MJ Sherwood says:

    I adore this! My daughter asked for one not long ago but they were much too expensive! Now I think I am going to make her one for Christmas, thank you for the wonderful idea.

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