Modern History Unit Study

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Before I began teaching this Modern History Unit Study, I was shocked by how few activities I found that brought to life this time period. With the help of All American History, Volume II and my own flair for unit studies, my kids had a wonderful time doing hands-on modern history!

We enjoyed all the printables that we were able to use in our modern history notebook, as well as many of the hands-on suggestions mentioned in the teacher’s manual. The culture of each of the decades came through clearly in the textbook. Even though I don’t normally use textbooks, I was able to break down each event in modern history into unit studies.

Hands-on Activities for Modern History

Here are some fun hands-on activities, field trips, creative writing assignments, crafts, and themed parties that helped us to bring to life this modern time period (from the 1900’s to the modern day):

I hope you enjoyed our modern history unit study as much as we did! Use any of these ideas to help your kids to bring this time period to life. Make modern history unforgettable!

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2 Responses to “Modern History Unit Study”

  1. My boys LOVE studying modern history. It’s so relevant to them. And they love being able to hear news stories and know the background into what’s going on. Looks like tons of fun, Susan!

    • Susan says:

      It was a LOT of fun once we decided to do so many hands-on activities for this time period. The birthdays of each of my kids this year was a different decade from the past century, and we celebrated with style!

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