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Growing-Up-As-A-Missionary-KidGod has woken me up in the middle of the night for the past two nights. He’s often done that when He wants me to pray for somebody. But He wasn’t urgently laying anyone on my heart to pray for. I asked Him, “Why did You wake me up? I know it’s You.”

Now I need to back up to say that I wrote the book Growing Up as a Missionary Kid a couple of years ago. I felt so much spiritual joy as I was writing it, even though it wasn’t really a spiritual book. I just wrote about how it was to be a missionary kid. Then God opened doors for me to take the book to print, doors that I could have never opened for myself. God wanted this book in print. I dedicated the book to God and told Him I would give Him 100% of the profit for missions.

Now I was in a quandry, because I had no money to promote the book. I’ve got books just sitting in a closet in my house. Not only was this a waste of what God wanted me to produce for His purposes, but if I used money from sales of the book to promote the book, I would have no money to send to missions.

My husband and I already support several missionaries every month, but this month God prompted me to support another couple who is about to go to Africa. He just finished his training at Moody Bible Institute to join MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship). I have the personal conviction that if I do not support this couple, I will be disobedient to God’s prompting to give to them. I asked God to raise the money.

Back to the conversation I had with God this morning of why He woke me up. Last night God put it in my mind to start a Missionary Kid Facebook page for the book that I wrote. I thought, “Oh cool! I can find lots of missionary kids, and we can have a discussion! Or people who are interested in missionary kids could like the page.”

At the same time as God was working to enable me to somehow support another missionary couple, God put missions on the heart of my husband. This was completely separate and a coincidence that God prompted both of us on the same day to be more involved in missions. Alan just told me last night that he wanted to go back to the Czech Republic on a short-term mission next summer, to a different part of the Czech Republic, but doing the same thing, which is English camp. And the summer after that, he would like to lead a team from our church to go on a short-term mission, once again, to the Czech Republic, the country that has the least Christians on the face of the earth. Alan went on a short-term team to teach English at a camp a couple of years ago, while sharing Christ. It made such an impact on his life that God has called him to go back. This is all in the brainstorming stage at this point, and we have no money to do it. But God will provide. He always does. This is how God is.

So back to the Facebook page thing. I have no marketing money to promote the book I wrote to raise money for missions. This morning, the second morning in a row, God woke me up, and I distinctly felt like I needed to do it now. If people “like” the Growing Up as a Missionary Kid page, more people will find out about it, and 100% of the profit will go towards what God is prompting my husband and I to do right now, to be more involved in missions.

As an incentive to the first 100 people to “like” the page, I will send you a free copy of the e-book version of Growing Up as a Missionary Kid. It costs you nothing to help me promote the book which hopefully will give me the funds to obey what God is prompting me to do. After you read the e-book version, go buy the physical book as gifts for people for Christmas!

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2 Responses to “New Missionary Kid Facebook Page”

  1. Rina says:

    Have you seen the fb group “You know your an mk if…”? (And yes the ‘your’ is misspelled) You’d probably enjoy it! When I first started reading your post I thought you might refer to a prayer request that you’d seen from this group.

    Some other ways to promote your book: get people to like it on Amazon, write reviews for it on their blogs, Amazon, Goodreads, and other retail sites (if the book is being sold there, which hopefully it is). Try to get several book bloggers to feature it as part of a book blog tour. Just some things I’ve observed that authors have done.

    May the Lord bless you and your family has you strive to serve Him.

    • Susan Evans says:

      Thank you, Rina. I didn’t know about that other group. Blog tours often cost $100 or more, which is why I haven’t done them, because I refuse to take money away from missions to promote missions. I need free ways to promote the book that are not time consuming.

      If any blogger is reading this and wants to do a review for my missionary kid book, I’m willing to give you a free digital copy in return for the review.

      If anyone has read the book and likes it, please like it on Amazon, and write a short review on Amazon for me, if possible. 🙂

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