Selling my Hair

selling-my-hairI chopped my hair recently because I got an offer on it. Yes, selling my hair is actually something that I’ve done! I can remember back to the first time I sold my hair about 11 years ago. I had just found out that I was pregnant with my first child, and I was working two jobs to put my husband through college. I was a full-time teacher, and on the evenings and weekends, I worked at a Victorian shop.

Well, one day, a man came up to me and offered to buy my hair for $200. My hair was down to my waist. He told me he was a doll maker, and that my hair would be worth $300 if it didn’t have so many split ends. I asked him to give me five minutes to think about it.

I had always had long hair for as long as I could remember. When I was four, my parents cut my hair short, but other than that, my hair had always been quite long. My husband had never seen me with hair shorter than down to my waist, but I badly needed that money. It was vanity for me to keep my hair when I could make an easy $200. I decided to do it.

I insisted on having the cash in my hand before any snipping took place. He accepted my condition, and he snipped my braid off with a pair of scissors. He said, “Thank you,” and walked away.

My hair was crooked. When I looked into the store mirror, I wondered what my husband would say. We had no cell phones back then (we still don’t), and he was in classes, and the opportunity would have passed if I had waited to ask him.

Later that night when he was back from classes, I called him and told him to come to the store. I wanted to show him something.

When he came in, he just looked at me. I immediately handed him the $200 cash. He said, “There’s a story here.” I told him what happened. After I concluded, I held my breath until I heard him say, “I have a wise wife.” I felt relieved! It reminded me a little of the story, “The Gift of the Magi.” I felt like a character from a literature book.

Ever since then, I have been growing my hair down to my waist and chopping it off. When I was pregnant and nursing for six years, I took prenatal vitamins. My hair was thicker and had fewer split ends. I grew it out twice during that time. Yes, I manufacture hair. Isn’t that funny?

But this time seems different. I finally got a really great haircut. My husband thinks it’s super cute, so maybe I’ll keep it this way. Who knows?

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21 Responses to “Selling my Hair”

  1. gibsonchristie says:

    Yes, super cute!

  2. Ron says:

    If you love your hair, $200 is a really bad deal. But if you’re cutting it anyway, you may as well take the money. I’m glad that YOUR husband didn’t care.

    • Susan says:

      I realize that a lot of husbands prefer long hair on their wives, which is why I was scared to get it cut. But my husband knew that we needed the money.

  3. Ror says:

    Hehe, it wasn’t that the husband didn’t care but also concurred with the smart move! However you can get much more for your hair if you sell it on sites like (you could add a link into the article above possibly), for those of us who don’t need the money it’s also a great way to raise money for charity!

  4. RWhosit says:

    Fantastic! Love the cut, love the story!

  5. Kelly says:

    You’re a smart lady! I’ve been hoping to sell 16in. of my hair! How do you sell yours? I don’t trust the websites I’ve seen.

  6. kathryn says:

    well done for selling your hair. I wish I could do the same and sell my ankle length hair too

    I did have one offer recently a man offered to cut off my hair if put into braid for charity or even pay me £25 for a full length piece of my hair

  7. kathryn says:

    well done again for selling your hair

    today I was outside my charity shop when a lady came up to and started taking about my ankle length ginger hair saying how beautiful my hair look and nice to a lady with so much hair. as I am a hairdresser I would love to buy all your hair how about this? here my offer if I cut your hair at waist length I pay you £500 and if you put hair in plait or ponytail starting from top of head I pay you £1000 or you let me us a number 2 razor to buzz bulk of your hair off I pay you £2000. you do not have to decide now and I will come back Tuesday to disgust the option and if you agree I will buy our hair and cut your hair straight away. she gave me her card see you Tuesday. she is the owner of a hair salon in my town so I booked appointment for her to see me in my charity shop Tuesday morning. with your help susan what do you think I should do your help would be very useful as this will be my first haircut for 25 years and the money will very useful. I will let you know how I get on with my hair and the lady hairdresser please reply asap here or email me

    • Susan says:

      I would take the highest amount of money and just wear hats for a few months. Hair will always grow back. 🙂

      • kathryn says:

        thanks susan I ring the lady to see she can cone to my charity tomorrow and tell her that she can buy all my hair (90 inches) and tell her to buy the razor to cut all my hair off. How do I tell my man friend about my hair? tell you more when the hair is sold

        • Susan says:

          Just tell him the truth. He would probably do the same thing if he were you.

          • kathryn says:

            hi susan the hairdresser lady turned up at the charity at 8 am this morning and she was smiling away and we both agreed to to sell my hair to her. in the back room I sat down as the lady took out her siccorrs and her hair cutting razor saying ready for your buzz cut. the lady shaved off all my ankle length hair all 90inches. the hair now took 25 years to grow and only 5 minutes to shave off. the hairdresser lady had the biggest smile you ever seen as she became the proud owner ofmy 90 inch long hair this is my first ever haircut .
            before she left she gave me a present a small full length ponytail of my hair to keen. now I am t spend some of the £2000on a evening dress outfit or evening skirt outfit to wear next week. please choose a outfit for me to buy and wear. What morning went to work with ankle length ginger hair and come home with no hair. will let you know what outfit I buy. thank you for outing your story on the web and glad we both had dramatic haircut sphere of the moment whenout of the blue someone ask you to sell your hair thanks again susan

            please reply and please tell me what evening dress or skirt or both to buy as I never brought this type of outfit befor

            • Susan says:

              I buy my dresses at re-sale shops so that I don’t waste very much money. The style of dress is very individual and it depends what dresses are available. Make your own decision if you want to buy a dress.

              If I suddenly had some money, I would ask God what He wanted me to do with it. Paying off debt is a sensible thing to do, if you have any debt. Or I might take my family to Israel to see biblical sights. I wouldn’t fritter the money away but make it worth the sacrifice you made.

              • kathryn says:

                thanks this afternoon I was on my way home and pass a church where some gust where leaving when I spotted a lady with a full length silk lined navy dress and another lady with \ beautiful lime green long lined evening dress on, I asked where they got there dresses from, the 2 lady ask me if you take us back to your charity shop and we will swop them for a skirt and top from your shop, the ladies agreed if I pay the charity £100 I can have the dresses, Now I own two very expensive evening dresses. is it alright to go to my other job to show off my new haircut wearing the line green dress or would it be better to wear the navy evening dress

  8. Alex says:

    I live in the Dayton (Ohio) area and cannot seem to find anyone willing to buy my hair. I have almost 20 inches of naturally red hair (really thick, never been dyed before, and very little split ends). Every place is telling me to try online. Are there any trusted websites? All wig stores around me buy hair from over seas and there are no doll makers. Any suggestions would be great!

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