Shadow Puppets Behind a Sheet

shadow-puppetsI tied a rope to two trees and hung up a white bed sheet. The sun shone through the sheet, so the kids started doing pantomime and shadow puppets with their fingers. This was a completely unexpected activity, since I hung up the sheet for the kids to do a painting. (You can see what they painted here.)

You can also do shadow puppets on a white wall while projecting a bright light toward the wall in a dark room. Slide projectors without a slide in them work especially well. The children combine their fingers into different shapes to make animals and objects. You can even play a game of charades by silently acting out a shadow puppet and trying to get the other people to guess what object you are making. Shadow puppets are great fun!

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2 Responses to “Shadow Puppets Behind a Sheet”

  1. Heather Hatcher says:

    Hello, I hope this note finds you well. I am illustrating a children’s book related to shadow puppets. As my background is in fine arts and not illustration, I have been trained to use a photo reference. It would be quite a privilege to use this image in our book. May I please have your permission to use this image as the base for a derivative drawing with your name and website referenced in our acknowledgement section? We are hoping to begin publication within the next month and your photo is absolutely lovely and would be the perfect depiction of the text for the little girl’s parents teaching her to make shadow puppets on a night with no electricity. We would be very happy to send you a signed copy of the book upon publication. Our hope is that through the story presented in the book, children will learn to follow through on their ideas and dreams and share their accomplishments with the people of the world. Hopefully it instills in children the rewards of their hard work and determination and the joy that they can bring to others. Thank you for taking the time to consider this query. We are eagerly awaiting your response. Have a great day.

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