Sidewalk Chalk


Have you taken your kids outside to color with sidewalk chalk? Last summer we bought some bright chalk at a craft supply store. I prefer bold colors rather than pastel colors. The kids and I walked down to the local school, which was empty for the summer. You have already paid for the school you never use with taxes from your property, so you might as well get some use out of what you’ve paid for. Most schools have a large cement area where kids play basketball or do other PE activities. This is your blank canvas.


First we all sat down and drew a white rectangle with the chalk. Each child sat in front of one rectangle, and they decided what scene they wanted to draw. I put the chalk right in the middle so all the kids could reach it.


My oldest son decided to draw a person, just to challenge himself. My second son drew a camping scene, while my third son drew an ocean scene with underwater sea creatures. My daughter drew a field with flowers on a sunny day, with a bird flying through the air.



The children colored in every area of the rectangle, with the exception of my oldest son. I was surprised at how beautiful all the pictures turned out, especially the chalk drawing of a person, which my son had never attempted with chalk before.

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  1. This looks like loads of fun! Maybe I will grab the kids and head for the cement:) But wait it’s a million degrees outside. Maybe at night we will go.

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