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I believe the whole counsel of God should be taught to children, so I made up this Song of Solomon activity for kids, where they can compare the face of a woman to various objects. My daughter made lovely comparisons while my sons wrote hilarious descriptions that were more like insults. If you’ve ever read the book of Song of Solomon, some of Solomon’s comparisons seem insulting as well, causing my children to laugh with uproarious laughter.

Describe a Woman with Similes

Her eyes are like…
Her nose is like…
Her mouth is like…
Her neck is like…
Her hair is like…

My daughter said that her eyes were like pools of blue, her nose was like the rock of salvation, her mouth was like the pinkest hearts, her neck was like the bottom of the cross, and her hair was like golden wheat fields.

song-of-solomonOne of my sons said that the woman’s eyes were like tornadoes, her nose was like a two-car garage, her mouth was like a banana, her neck was like a redwood, and her hair was like poppies. He laughed hysterically as he drew what he had just written.

Another one of my sons said the woman had eyes that were pools of blue, a nose that was a lump on her face, a mouth that was like jaws of death, a neck that was a pillar, and hair that was… um… brown hair. Apparently he copped out on that one and couldn’t think of anything.

sunday-school-song-of-solomonYou see, if her hair is a flock of goats, you need to actually draw a flock of goats coming out of her head. This is why this Song of Solomon activity is so much fun.

Here is the free PDF, if you would like to do this activity with your kids:

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6 Responses to “Song of Solomon Printable”

  1. Ashley says:

    Haha, this is so cute. Two car garage, that made me laugh out loud :). Kids are so honestly funny:)

  2. Dorit Sasson says:

    What a neat idea. I love how your son depicted the woman – so funny!

  3. Ticia says:

    How have I missed this lesson on your blog before this?

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