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My Visit to Athens, Greece

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011


Many years ago, before I even started dating my husband, I visited Athens, Greece. I went on a cruise by myself, bunking with two other single women that I met after I boarded the ship.

When I saw the Parthenon, it was almost surreal as I stood there and touched it. Everything was super tall.


The columns were carved elaborately, and the entire temple made you feel eerie. People used to worship Athena in this place.


Athena had apparently won a contest against Poseidon, so she had the city of Athens named after her. Above is pictured a statue of Athena located on top of a tall pillar.


I saw other structures like the famous amphitheater, where theatrical performances began. I also saw the temple of Zeus, which only had a few remaining columns (pictured above).


In the Museum of Athens, many famous works of art were displayed, such as the golden mask of Agamemnon, which is beautiful and creepy.


Many other statues and sculptures could be seen, even though most of the greatest historical pieces of art were taken to the British Museum in London.


I really enjoyed my visit to Athens, Greece. It’s as if history was suddenly standing before me, just the way it was in ancient times!

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