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Fun Stocking Stuffers for Boys

Monday, November 28th, 2011


Here are some fun stocking stuffers for boys:

  1. Spy sunglasses. (These have mirrors on the sides so that you can look behind you.)
  2. Metal tape measure that snaps back in.
  3. Compass (especially for boys who like the wilderness).
  4. Small leather or wood craft kits.
  5. A real watch. (If they are learning how to tell time, make it non-digital.)
  6. Walkie-talkies (not cheap ones).
  7. Small flashlight.
  8. Magnifying glass.
  9. Green slime. (It comes in a can the size of Play-Doh, and boys love the feel of it. They can pretend to be mad scientists.)
  10. Glow-in-the-dark sticks.

Hopefully this list has given you some ideas for delighting the boys in your home this Christmas!


You Know You’re the Mother of Boys When…

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011


You know you’re the mother of boys when…

…the noise pollution in your house exceeds the volume of the thoughts in your head.

…on the way to the kitchen to make dinner, you get hit with a nerf dart.

…you can’t find one of your boys in a tangle of arms and legs on the living room floor.

…their conversation about electronics goes over your head.

…they make silly faces to cheer someone up.

…you accidentally step on Legos in the middle of the night.

…the first thing they do when they get out of the car is run.

…you catch your boy red-handed, and he doesn’t deny that he did it.

…your kids would rather climb trees than stay in the house.

…every stick in the forest becomes a weapon.

…you read a great work of literature, and half your kids are standing on their heads.