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Covering a Bulletin Board with Cloth

Monday, January 14th, 2013

covering-a-bulletin-board-with-clothSince I love decorating as well as organizing, one way to make a bulletin board look lovely is covering a bulletin board with cloth that matches your decor. For example, if you have deep red in the room, find a fabric that contains those colors for the backdrop of your bulletin board. A good color that will match any room is black, since it provides contrast to help you see what is pinned up.

In the video, my husband shows you the steps to make a beautiful cloth-covered bulletin board. First you should gather your supplies: a bulletin board, cloth that is slightly larger than the bulletin board, a metal spatula (used for painting), spray adhesive, fabric scissors, and a silver Sharpie marker. The bulletin board should have a frame on it.

  1. Set the cloth down on the table, wrong side up. Place the bulletin board on top of it. With the silver marker, draw a line around the bulletin board.
  2. Grab the scissors and cut half an inch inside the rectangle. (Watch the video to see what I mean. It’s not hard.)
  3. Shove one end of the cloth under the frame at the top of the bulletin board with the metal spatula. When it is all even, use the spray adhesive. Spray evenly all over the bulletin board, and lay the cloth down over it, making sure the cloth is long enough to fit under the frame on the bottom. If not, pull it slightly down, making sure it’s still tucked in at the top.
  4. Shove the bottom of the cloth into the frame. Continue with the sides until you have a finished frame. Now hang the bulletin board on the wall.

Covering a bulletin board with fabric makes your bulletin board looked dressed up and will make you feel more organized as you stay on top of your to-do’s.

At this point, take all the junk off your old bulletin board, and then only put up the things that are relevant on the new bulletin board, throwing the rest away. This might mean that you need to do a few chores, like pay a bill or make a phone call, but you will visually feel more caught-up if your bulletin board is in order and looking lovely.

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