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Women’s Tea Party

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010


A few years ago, our church’s annual women’s tea party took place at a beautiful English garden. This year the prediction was for rain, so the tea party had to take place indoors. Last year I went alone, not knowing that little girls were invited. This year I decided to take my mother and my daughter. The large round tables had a purple potted plant in the middle, along with a pretty scarf and a few roses tossed around. The candles were tea lights in little glass containers. The entire table was covered with a purple tablecloth with a lace tablecloth on top of it.

There was no structure to the tea party, and I liked it better because we could just relax, eat pretty food, and fellowship with other women. Girls in their teens were serving tables, so you didn’t even have to get up to serve yourself.

The scones with clotted cream were absolutely delicious. There were many different kinds of sandwiches that tasted very interesting, like ham and jelly in the same sandwich. They were actually quite good. Heart-shaped cookies tasted like Reece’s peanut butter cups, and they were drizzled with chocolate. Lemon squares and miniature cupcakes were also served. It was an absolutely lovely atmosphere.


Poetry Tea Party

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010


As soon as Rachel and I arrived at the poetry tea party, I had our picture taken on the porch swing. When the other people arrived, the little girls all went outside to play some traditional games (like cat and mouse) while holding hands in a circle. They looked absolutely precious as the mothers made tea for their tables. I chose a peach and raspberry tea for Rachel and for me.


When the girls came back inside, we all sat down at our tables. The hostess took a picture of each mother-daughter pair. Then we went to get our food. Hunks of bread were on a plate, as well as a variety of spreads in bowls, so that we could prepare our own sandwiches. Scones, cookies, salad, fruit, and other foods were also on the serving table.


My daughter and I were at our own table. She picked up her teacup and took a sip. She put it down and began eating. She ate way too quickly; I told her to slow down and not take such big bites. She was ready for seconds before everyone had finished serving themselves.


After the food, there were poetry recitations. The little girls looked so cute as they recited poetry. Rachel squirmed around and fidgeted with her hat. After the recitations, the tea party was over.

Princess Tea Party

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010


I took my daughter to her first tea party, and she absolutely loved it! It was a mother-daughter princess tea party put on by a friend of mine for the homeschool mothers in the area. My daughter liked getting all dolled up, with ringlets in her hair. We both wore blue dresses. She knew that she looked beautiful.


Normally she runs around the house like a pack of elephants. (She does have three brothers.) I didn’t know if her boundless energy would contain itself long enough to be calm, quiet, and polite for a couple of hours. But she did it! My husband pointed out that she was playing the part. Basically, her energy was re-directed to act like a princess. She enjoyed all the many yummy treats that were displayed in such a pretty fashion on gorgeous little China sets. On the way home, I asked her if she liked the tea party, and she exclaimed, “Yes!” quite enthusiastically.