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Rosetta Stone: Homeschool Spanish

Friday, August 12th, 2016

Rosetta-Stone-Spanish-for-homeschoolI received a year of Rosetta Stone and was compensated for an honest review.

I was looking for a Spanish program because my high school students need two years of high school credit to graduate from our homeschool. And of course, I always wanted my kids to learn Spanish because I grew up speaking Spanish, and it’s a useful language to know.

You’re probably thinking, why haven’t I taught them Spanish yet? Well… our lives have been full. I was actually looking for a Spanish program that would do all the work for me so that I can get everything else done. I’m a speaker, an author, a conference coordinator, a blogger–oh, yes, and I also film my homeschooling.

As you can see, I have no time for teaching Spanish, and why should I when Rosetta Stone Language Learning for Homeschool exists?! They are the most effective foreign language program I’ve ever seen. You can speak into a microphone, and the computer will tell you if your Spanish accent is good enough, or if you need to repeat the word.

YES–it teaches you to SPEAK Spanish, not just to read it, write it, and listen to it. So you don’t need to know the language as a homeschool mom. The program is thorough, builds on previous vocabulary, and immerses you in the language right away.

Rosetta Stone: Homeschool Spanish


Each screen has colorful pictures to build vocabulary. You are required to match the picture with the word. After that, you match the spoken word with the picture (without seeing the word). This is helpful because when you are chatting with a Hispanic woman at Walmart, you will not see words above her head, telling you what her words are.

You can opt out of the written portion if your children are young, but since all my kids are older, they can type out the vocabulary words under the pictures. Spanish is the simplest language to write anyway–everything is exactly the way it sounds, since vowels can only have one sound.

Rosetta Stone Review


Just so you can see what I’m talking about, here is my demonstration with Rosetta Stone Language Learning for Homeschool, and why I loved it so much:

Homeschool Spanish for High School

My 16-year-old son did not want a baby-ish Spanish program, so I was overjoyed when I saw that any human–any age, including adults–can use this program without feeling like they are being treated like a baby. Instead of cartoons, you have real-life pictures.

The program is not boring. Yay! Not boring is good. It moves at a wonderful pace, and if you need more practice on one section, you can do that section over and over however many times you want. Mastery is the whole point.


There is a workbook that you can print out, if you want to use paper and pencil. I don’t believe the workbook is necessary for learning the language, but if you are trying to get extra writing practice for your kids (or if you think you need it for high school credit), it’s a good re-enforcement of what the students have learned in each lesson.

I was so impressed by Rosetta Stone that I decided to buy the entire set of Spanish, Levels 1 through 5. If you would like to follow Rosetta Stone on social media, here they are:

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