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How to Make an Ice-Cream Cone Cake

Monday, June 4th, 2018


My daughter wanted an ice-cream cone cake for her picnic-themed birthday party. To make an ice-cream cone cake is quite simple. First you bake two cakes. The first one will be divided into two circle tins. These will be the ice-cream scoops. The other cake will be baked in a rectangular tin. You will cut that second cake into a triangle the shape of an ice-cream cone.

Make sure that after you bake the cakes, you cover them with plastic wrap and put them in your refrigerator. It’s much easier to cut and shape cold cake. Grab a piece of cardboard and cover it in foil. You may need to tape together (with packing tape or duct tape) two pieces of cardboard to make it long enough for the ice-cream cone.

After placing the cakes on the foil, make sure that the scoops look like the picture above. You will have to carve an arc in the top circle before placing it on the foil, and cut a straight section off the bottom scoop.

Frost the “cone” part of the cake with chocolate frosting. Divide a bucket of vanilla frosting into two bowls. Tint one of them pink for the top ice-cream scoop. The bottom one will be vanilla, so leave it white. Shake sprinkles over top of the ice-cream scoops.


If you have an ice-cream themed birthday, you can buy a piñata in the shape of an ice-cream cone. My daughter was overjoyed to find this at a party supply store. Hobby Lobby and Walmart also have piñatas, if you don’t have a party store in your town.


My daughter wanted a craft for her picnic-themed birthday party, so we decorated straw hats by hot gluing silk flowers to them. We set out a tea party in the backyard, and the girls enjoyed their scones and other treats after their craft and piñata.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial on how to make an ice cream cone cake for a picnic-themed birthday party!

Ice Cream Floats

Friday, August 10th, 2012


Ice cream floats are absolutely delicious, and they are super easy to make. Just pour half a glass of your favorite fizzy drink, and then scoop a couple of scoops of ice cream on the top. Simple. It’s like making a fizzy drink into a creamy dessert.

chocolate-floatWhen making these drinks, do not put the ice cream in first, followed by the soda. No. If you do that, the drink will froth all over, and you’ll have to scoop off the froth, which is abundant. Instead, make sure to pour the drink first, then scoop the ice cream.

My oldest son loves root beer, so I made him a root beer float. My second son wanted a strawberry soda float. You could throw in some chopped strawberries if you want to get fancy. My third son wanted a chocolate float, which contained more ice cream than the others, with club soda on the top, and chocolate syrup drizzled on it. My daughter wanted a grape soda float, and the next door neighbor girl wanted an orange soda float, which looked beautiful and could have been made from orange sherbert if you wanted to buy more than just vanilla ice cream like I did. I tried all the drinks with a spoon, and ALL of them were totally delicious! The chocolate one was probably my favorite.

How to Make an Ice Cream Ant

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010


Have you ever thought of making an ice cream ant? This is a great way to teach your children about insects.

I started by scooping out three vanilla ice cream scoops for the three parts of the body: head, thorax, and abdomen. The children stabbed in six pretzel sticks for legs, all coming out of the thorax, of course. Two more pretzels were poked into the head for antennae. (You had to almost hold on to the ice cream to jab those pretzels in!) I quickly poured a chocolate magic hardening shell on top, for the exoskeleton. I was originally going to use almond bark, which I’ve discovered, is great for making frozen chocolate bananas. But when I tried it, the chocolate ice cream ant looked like a giant had stepped on it! It was a mess. It was probably due to the boiling hot chocolate being poured on ice cream.


My husband said there was an easier way, and off he went to the grocery store. He found the magic shell stuff around the place where you find Hershey’s syrup. I wish I had memorized the name of the thing, but it has the word “magic” in it, and “hardens” was another key word. It might have been Smuckers.

Anyway, since there are six people in our family, we made two ants, and each person ate an ant segment. All my kids fought over the thorax, for some odd reason, maybe because they wanted to get more pretzels. It was a fun project. If you decide to do this project with your kids, just remember not to use almond bark, or you’ll get a big gooey mess. I’ve included a photo so that you can point and laugh.


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